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Fiji Time: 15:33, Sunday 20th Apr 2014
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Grade Event Round Time Grade Event Round
      9.40 Intermediate Boys Javelin Final
      9.40 Intermediate Girls Discuss Final
      9.40 Senior Boys Shot Put Final
      9.40 Senior Girls Long Jump Final
      9.40 Intermediate Boys High Jump Final
      9.40 Junior Girls High Jump Final
      9.40 Sub-Junior Boys Long Jump Final
Girl’s Open Event 1500m Final 9.45      
Junior Boys 1500m Final 9.52      
Intermediate Boys 1500m Final 9.59      
Senior Boys 1500m Final 10.06      
Sub-Junior Girls 400m Heats 10.21      
Sub-Junior Boys 400m Heats 10.33      
Junior Girls 400m Heats 10.45      
      10.50 Intermediate Girls Triple Jump Final
Junior Boys 400m Heats 10.57      
Intermediate Girls 400m Heats 11.09      
Intermediate Boys 400m Heats 11.21      
Senior Girls 400m Heats 11.33      
Senior Boys 400m Heats 11.45      
      11.50 Senior Girls Triple Jump Final
Sub-Junior Girls 200m Heats 11.57      
Sub-Junior Boys 200m Heats 12.09      
Junior Girls 200m Heats 12.21      
Junior Boys 200m Heats 12.33      
Intermediate Girls 200m Heats 12.45      
Intermediate Boys 200m Heats 12.57      
Senior Girls 200m Heats 13.09      
Senior Boys 200m Heats 13.21      
      13.25 Senior Girls High Jump Final
      13.25 Intermediate Boys Discuss Final
      13.25 Junior Boys Javelin Final
      13.25 Intermediate Girls Long Jump Final
      13.25 Senior Boys Long Jump Final
      13.25 Intermediate Girls Shot Put Final
      13.25 Junior Boys Shot Put Final
Sub-Junior Girls 4x400m Heats 13.43      
Sub-Junior Boys 4x400m Heats 14.13      
Junior Girls 4x400m Heats 14.41      
Junior Boys 4x400m Heats 15.09      
Intermediate Girls 4x400m Heats 15.37      
Intermediate Boys 4x400m Heats 16.00      
Senior Girls 4x400m Heats 16.30      
      16.35 Sub-Junior Girls Long Jump Final
      16.35 Sub-Junior Girls Long Jump Final
      16.35 Intermediate Boys Shot Put Final
      16.35 Senior Girls Discuss Final
      16.35 Senior Boys Javelin Final
      16.35 Intermediate Girls High Jump Final
      16.35 Sub-Junior Boys High Jump Final
      16.35 Intermediate Boys Long Jump Final
Senior Boys 4x400m Heats 16.55      
Sub-Junior Girls 100m Heats 17.25      
Sub-Junior Boys 100m Heats 17.40      
Junior Girls 100m Heats 17.55      
Junior Boys 100m Heats 18.10      
Intermediate Girls 100m Heats 18.25      
Intermediate Boys 100m Heats 18.40      
Senior Girls 100m Heats 18.55      
Senior Boys 100m Heats 19.10      
Sub-Junior Girls 400m Final 19.25      
Sub-Junior Boys 400m Final 19.28      
Junior Girls 400m Final 19.31      
Junior Boys 400m Final 19.34      
Intermediate Girls 400m Final 19.37      
Intermediate Boys 400m Final 19.40      
Senior Girls 400m Final 19.43      
Senior Boys 400m Final 19.46      
Sub-Junior Girls 100m Final 19.49      
Sub-Junior Boys 100m Final 19.52      
Junior Girls 100m Final 19.55      
Junior Boys 100m Final 19.58      
Intermediate Girls 100m Final 20.01      
Intermediate Boys 100m Final 20.04      
Senior Girls 100m Final 20.07      
Senior Boys 100m Final 20.10      

Medal Tally
Schedule Day 2
Photos Day 1
Photos Day 2


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