LG to close down its mobile phone unit
South Korean tech giant, LG has announced that it would close down its mobile phone unit after years
2 days ago
Fiji-New Caledonia eTrade Expo: a unique platform where businesses can trade easily
A unique platform where businesses in Fiji and New Caledonia can trade with each other has been laun
6 days ago
HFC Bank urges customers to discuss options with them if they unable to meet their loan repayments
HFC Bank is urging its customers to discuss other assistance options with them if they are still una
7 days ago

New employment opportunities to be created as Shop N Save to open supermarket in Navua
130 new employment opportunities will be created with the opening of the Shop N Save Supermarket in
8 days ago
Charan Jeath Singh Group of Companies to construct $10 million shopping complex in Nakasi
There will be a number of employment opportunities as Charan Jeath Singh Group of Companies will sta
9 days ago
Gabbys Ice Block from Varadoli, Ba grows its popularity in the country
An ice block business that started in 1989 on a small scale in Varadoli, Ba by the late Ram Surat al
13 days ago

Coca Cola Games 2021
The Coca-Cola Games will be held from the 22nd to the 24th of this ...
1 day ago

Faith-Based Organisations told COVID-19 vaccine cannot be evil
Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong has told religious leaders and representatives that the COVID-19 vaccine cannot be ...
12 days ago

Joshua Rahman's $31 million drug trial
Josua Aziz Rahman was allegedly found in possession of 39.5kg of cocaine in Caubati on the 14th of February in ...
20 days ago