More discussion and consultations needed on recycling- WRFL

More discussion and consultations needed on recycling- WRFL

By Shanil Singh
Friday 26/03/2021
[Image: WFRL]

Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited has welcomed the speech delivered by the Minister for Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy on recycling and its importance in Fiji but adds more consultation is needed to understand the work they do.

Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited Public Relations Consultant Joseph Inoke says people need to realize the importance of recycling and they would welcome any discussion with stakeholders and Government.

Inoke says they encourage a closer collaboration as they are the only company in Fiji working on the collection and processing of recyclables such as cardboard, plastic, plastic bottles, tin cans, aluminium cans, paper, glass bottles and other recyclables.

He says while some companies claimed to do recycling, they actually concentrated on scrap metal and these dealers should not be confused with recyclers.

Inoke says their identity and vision is very clear because they do not deal with actual rubbish but only recyclables.

WRFL is also actively exploring up-cycling where they are taking recyclables and converting them into another product which addsvalue to the lives of the community.

Inoke says a major part of their strategic planning is the up-cycling ideas they are currently working on with assistance and technical support of some expert consultants.


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