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Until the Rewa River Water Supply Scheme is completed people will experience low pressure or intermittent supply - WAF

Until the Rewa River Water Supply Scheme is completed people will experience low pressure or intermittent supply - WAF

By Rashika Kumar
Wednesday 22/06/2022
[Photo Credit: Fiji Water Authority]

The increase in demand for water supply requires the Water Authority of Fiji to balance supply to a particular area in the morning, and in the afternoon, WAF gives water to another area and when people experience low pressure or intermittent supply, it is because they are carrying out valve operations to fill up reservoirs somewhere.

This has been highlighted by WAF CEO, Amit Chanan who says 360,000 people have moved into the Suva-Nausori corridor over the last 10 years, with no new source of water and as a result, WAF is currently producing 2 million litres per day less than what is required for the greater Suva-Nausori area.

Chanan says the upcoming Rewa River Water Supply Scheme will help resolve the issue of intermittent supply in certain parts of the greater Suva-Nausori area by expanding their supply capacity.

He says the project will add an additional 40 million litres per day into the Suva/Nausori water system, enabling WAF to cater for the extra demand.

Chanan also says that although this is understandably frustrating for customers who live in these areas, this is the best solution until the Rewa River Water Supply Scheme is up and running.

Dr Chanan says they are currently producing 164 million litres per day compared to the 166 million litres per day demand.

He says they want people to understand that until the Rewa River Water Scheme is complete, these are necessary measures so they at least have regular access to water, even if it is not 24/7.

The CEO says this project will also relieve pressure on other parts of our infrastructure that are being stressed by the current demands, and as a proactive measure, there are provisions in place by which this can be expanded to a further 80 million litres per day, in case of even greater demand in the future.

The Rewa River Water Supply Scheme will be completed by May 2023.

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