55 taxi permits in the Western Division obtained through improper means - LTA

55 taxi permits in the Western Division obtained through improper means - LTA

By Mansi Chand
Friday 17/05/2024
Photo : File

55 taxi permits in the Western Division were obtained through improper means and the Land Transport Authority is seeking assistance in retrieving 42 taxi permits while they were able to retrieve 13 taxi permits.

The LTA says their paramount goal is to swiftly retrieve and confiscate all number plates and taxi permits linked to the issuance of permits and number plates that were obtained through non-compliance with operating procedures in the Western Division.

LTA Acting CEO, Irimaia Rokosawa says with 42 taxi permits yet to be retrieved, they will continue to ramp up efforts to identify and address any other individuals outside of the Authority who may have been involved in obtaining the taxi permits through improper means.

Rokosawa says they are taking this matter seriously and assure the public that LTA will not tolerate any form of corruption or fraud within the organisation.

He says they are committed to upholding the integrity of the transport system and ensuring the safety and trust of the public.

He says they are committed to taking decisive actions to address this issue and to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

LTA reassures that all information provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

The LTA is calling for the co-operation of all stakeholders and the public in reporting any vehicles operating with the taxi permits registration including, ND0103, ND0770, ND0891, ND0949, ND0960, ND0968, ND0977, ND0994, ND1013, ND0179, ND0778, ND0893, ND0951, ND0961, ND0969, ND0980, ND0998, ND1017, ND0301, ND0809, ND0938, ND0953, ND0962, ND0971, ND0983 ND1003, ND0404, ND0824, ND0946, ND0957, ND0965, ND0972, ND0989, ND1004, ND0574, ND0886, ND0948, ND0958, ND0966, ND0973, ND0992 and ND1005.

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