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Wellness Fiji and Diabetes Fiji hope that the increase in sugar prices will curb sugar consumption

Wellness Fiji and Diabetes Fiji hope that the increase in sugar prices will curb sugar consumption

By Naveel Krishant
Sunday 23/01/2022
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Wellness Fiji and Diabetes Fiji hope that the increase in sugar prices will curb sugar consumption by members of the public and promote healthier alternatives, such as natural honey.

Head of Wellness Fiji, Dr Devina Nand says the over-consumption of sugar, salt, oil, and processed foods are all major contributors to the prevalence of NCDs in Fiji โ€“ a crisis that is claiming lives and creating serious suffering for many Fijians.

Dr Nand says it is a shame that these unhealthy options fill consumer shopping baskets when Fiji has so many fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritious food options.

She adds changing consumer habits is a slow-going but essential effort that helps to build a more nutrition secure Fiji.

Dr Nand also says programmes, like the Grow Your Own Food, Grow Your Own Food booklet, and the My Kana app are excellent ways forward.

Viliame Qio of Diabetes Fiji says diabetes is among the most devastating of NCDs and high sugar intake makes this disease more prevalent and severe among our people across gender and ethnicity.

He says the 2013-2018 outpatient data recorded more than 176,000 patients treated for diabetes in Fiji.

He adds they welcome any measures that address the contributing factors to diabetes and will continue to advocate fiercely for healthier, more nutrition-secure consumption from Fijians.

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