Tsunami advisory cancelled but people being urged to remain cautious

Tsunami advisory cancelled but people being urged to remain cautious

By Shanil Singh
Sunday 16/01/2022

The tsunami advisory which was issued for all coastal and maritime islands in Fiji last night has been cancelled.

The Mineral Resources Department says tsunami wave heights on local tide gauges are below advisory level and have normalized.

They say as per the advice given by Hawaii based Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre, people are still being urged to remain cautious as there may be small sea changes and strong unusual currents may further persist.

The Department is also urging people to be alert and on standby for further updates.

They say they will continue to monitor the situation and provide more information should circumstances change.

Tsunami waves crash into homes in Tonga

By Shanil Singh
Sunday 16/01/2022
[Photo Credit: Consulate of the Kingdom of Tonga]

Tsunami waves crashed into homes in Tonga following a devastating and violent volcanic eruption and multiple Pacific countries are on alert including Fiji.

Video footage shows waves washing through homes, properties and a church in Tonga but there is no word yet on injuries or any fatalities with power out and communication extremely limited.

According to the NZ Herald, with much of the country covered in ash there are fears that many people are struggling to breathe and that fresh drinking water might be limited.

One Tonga resident was heard saying pray for us as people fled to higher ground amid panicked screaming.

The tsunami followed the eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai, sent ash, steam and gas up to 20km into the air.

[Source: NZ Herald]

Full Story: There is a possibility of hazardous tsunami waves being generated - Mineral Resources Department

Stay out of the water and away from the shore
By Semi Turaga, Vijay Narayan
Saturday 15/01/2022
[Image: rnz]

Due to volcanic eruptions in Hunga Hapai Island in Tonga occurring again, the Mineral Resources Department is advising the public especially those in low lying coastal areas that there is a possibility of hazardous tsunami waves being generated.

They are advising people living along coastal areas to stay out of the water and away from the shore due to strong currents and dangerous waves.

They are monitoring the situation and will issue a further update.

The Seismology Department says as tsunami information, tsunami waves from these volcanic eruptions are in effect along the entire Fiji coastline.

Some maritime areas in Lau have already noticed wave activity along the coastline and moved to higher ground.

We are getting calls from concerned people living along the coast in Suva, Lami, Sigatoka and other areas, parts of Savusavu, Taveuni and other areas on whether they should move to higher ground now rather than waiting overnight.

If you are noticing increased wave activity, please move to higher ground.

Loud thundery sounds being experienced in Fiji are from the huge volcanic eruption in Tonga

Suva Tidal Gauge records heightened wave activity of 20 centimetres which is not a major concern for now
By Vijay Narayan
Saturday 15/01/2022
[Image: HQ]

The loud thundery sounds being experienced in Fiji are from the huge volcanic eruption in Tonga.

The Fiji Meteorogical Office says the booming sounds that people can hear would be from the huge eruption in Tonga around 5pm today.

He says they can see the eruption on sattelite imagery as well.

People have been calling us from many parts in Fiji, saying they are hearing thundery sounds.

Fijivillage News has received confirmation from the Mineral Resources Department that people living along the coastline on Ono-i-Lau and Vatoa moved to high ground after noticing changes along the coastline after the volcanic eruption in Tonga this afternoon.

The Seismology Department confirms they are monitoring the wave activity after the volcanic eruption in Tonga.

There is no tsunami warning for Fiji as yet.

The wave activity confirmed at the Nuku'alofa Tide Gauge was 1.5 to 2 metres.

At 5.40pm today, the Suva Tidal Gauge recorded a heightened wave activity of 20 centimetres which is not a major concern for now.

Stay with us for developments.

Another tsunami warning issued for Tonga

By Semi Turaga
Saturday 15/01/2022
[Image: newshub]

Tonga has been struck by a tsunami as the population races to evacuate in time.

The Tonga Meteorological Services posted to Facebook saying a warning is in place for the entire island.

A witness posted to Facebook the cause was another volcanic eruption in the area.

They wrote " a volcanic explosion just erupted and people have evacuated to higher ground now from possible tsunami waves also ash shards are falling and now the ash clouds are covering the island of Tongatapu,"

"We live in Kolomotu'a near the ocean so we have left already and we are in our cars heading out but traffic on every road Please pray for us as a family and safety."

A chilling video shows a massive surge of water inundating the land as it pours in while someone films from the roof.

[Source: NewsHub]

AG urging people to cover water tanks & stay indoors during rain due to the risk of sulfuric acid

By Shanil Singh
Saturday 15/01/2022
[Image: rnz]

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is urging people to cover all household water tanks and stay indoors in the event of rain due to the risk of sulfuric acid from the Tonga volcanic eruption this afternoon.

Sayed-Khaiyum has tweeted that they are also monitoring our air quality.

He says they are praying for our Tongan sisters and brothers who are beset by tsunami waves and airborne ash stemming from another volcanic eruption.

Please note a tsunami advisory has been issued.

As a precautionary measure, please move to high ground if you notice a change in wave activity.

Stay with us for developments.


Former Fijian journalist pleads for prayers as they move to high ground for safety after tsunami warning issued in Tonga

By Iva Danford
Saturday 15/01/2022
Former Fijian journalist, Iliesa Tora

Former Fijian journalist, Iliesa Tora and his family and other residents living on the coastlines of Nukualofa in Tonga are currently moving to higher ground for safety after an earthquake and a tsunami warning was issued after the volcanic eruption.

In a facebook live video, Tora is pleading to all Fijians to pray for them and the people that are also moving.

He says they are currently stuck in a huge traffic jam.

Tora says volcanic ash was everywhere in the ocean and in the air.

He says they have been told to go to an elevated area called Pili.

Tora says they heard about 10 explosions which was one after another, and there was black smoke in the sky.

Tora says straight after that, there was a sea-level rise and they saw big waves.

He says this morning, the authorities had cancelled the tsunami warning that was issued yesterday.

Tora adds that now all the people living for Niuua right up until Tongatapu have been told to move to higher ground.

He says a similar incident occurred 7 years ago but it was not as dangerous as what they are experiencing now.

Ministry contacting schools in dangerous areas and are advising them to move to higher ground

By Shanil Singh
Saturday 15/01/2022
Saturday 15 January at 7:24PM, Taveuni. [Photo Credit: Fiji Sea Salt]

The Ministry of Education is currently contacting coastal schools in dangerous areas and are advising them to move to higher ground.

The Ministry posted on their facebook page a while ago that the coastal parts of Fiji have started to report larger than usual waves

Tiliva Village School in Kadavu and Uluivalili College in Cakaudrove have been opened as evacuation centres.

The Ministry says they are in touch with other schools as well as response teams and will advise on more evacuation centres if needed.

Stay with us for developments.

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