Cultural values bind people together - UniFiji Head of Humanities and Arts

Cultural values bind people together - UniFiji Head of Humanities and Arts

By Rashika Kumar
Monday 30/10/2023
[Image: UniFiji]

University of Fiji's School of Humanities and Arts Head of Department, Dr. Kamala Naiker has highlighted the importance of following our cultural values in this day and age and how it builds social harmony.

While speaking during the TISI Lautoka Sangam Mini Convention, Dr. Naiker says appreciation of cultural values occur through socializing, meeting each other, and meeting during cultural functions like prayer functions.

She says cultural values bind people together which makes them strong and united.

Dr. Naiker says it makes people learn tolerance and brotherhood which paves the way for social harmony, economic improvement and the physical wellbeing of the community and others.

The Head of Department further says each culture has its own set of values where some focus on endurance, courage or resilience or optimism.

She says embracing your cultural values offer a lot of benefits to your life.


Dr. Naiker says our cultural values provide us with strength and when we go through difficult times in our lives, finding these values can be a good strategy.

She also says we can grow from them unexpected amount of power to weather whatever situation we are facing. Dr. Naiker has also highlighted that cultural values also offer spiritual connection and you do not have to be religious to enjoy spirituality as it involves developing your own idea of the world and a sense of place and a connection to things that feel bigger than yourself.

The senior lecturer says cultural values can also help you find meaning in a difficult situation.

She says cultural values give you a connection to your people and roots where you are following the same ideals as your ancestors, family members and the people who came here before.

Dr. Naiker says we are living in a society with so many different cultures and when we mix with them, we look at their culture and learn from each other’s cultures and in that way we communicate and understand each other and appreciate other people’s values.

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