Courts celebrates 100 years in Fiji

Courts celebrates 100 years in Fiji

By Faria Begum Ali
Friday 26/06/2020
Courts Fiji Limited

Courts Fiji Limited have announced that they will continue to help Fijians who are planning to start a small business by giving people equipment at no cost, and these people can start paying for the items when they start getting some revenue.

While speaking at Courts 100th anniversary celebrations, Chief Marketing Officer Anil Senewiratne says their managers will meet with these interested people.

Senewiratne says they have assisted a number of people in the past and are continuing to do so.

He reveals in the past, rural women who have acquired the skill of sewing were given sewing machines at no cost and later on paid for the machines from their earnings.

He says they have helped well over 500 people since 2012 in the sewing machine program alone.

Senewiratne says there are 28 Courts Fiji outlets all over the country for the convenience of customers which employs over 700 Fijians.

The company in its years of operation acquired Burns Philp Group which had been trading in Fiji and the Pacific since 1920.

Courts was also the first to introduce easy payment consumer finance schemes which enables families all over Fiji to buy durable household goods and help improve living standards.

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