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WAF partners with Israeli company to identify leaks before it becomes a major burst main

WAF partners with Israeli company to identify leaks before it becomes a major burst main

By Iva Danford , Semi Turaga
Thursday 13/01/2022
[Photo: WAF]

The Water Authority of Fiji has partnered with Israeli company, TaKaDu whose software system will be able to identify leaks in advance before it becomes a major burst main.

WAF Chief Operating Officer Seru Soderberg has told Legend FM News this gives them the ability to see where the leaks are and start repair works as it is much quicker and cheaper to repair a small leak then to repair a burst main.

Soderberg says it also gives real time monitoring of their system which includes the monitoring of the pressure and flow.

He says this system will definitely help in identifying major burst mains like the one that happened in March last year in Wainibuku where it took them four to five hours to try and figure out where it was because they had to manually try and find it.

Soderberg stresses that one of their biggest priorities is to improve and enhance their supply capabilities through various means so they can ensure that their customers receive a consistent supply of water.

He adds by implementing TaKaDu’s Central Event Management, they are taking the next step in their digital journey to reduce leakage and service interruptions while improving their network efficiency.

The Water Authority of Fiji says high non-revenue water levels are mainly because of the high number of leakages within WAF’s reticulation system due to a very old and aged infrastructure built over 50 years ago.

It says their current water and wastewater network constitutes more than 4,982 kilometres of pipes and treats and transports more than 136,000 megalitres of clean drinking water annually to homes and businesses across Fiji.

WAF says a major challenge facing them today is the high level of non-revenue water which is of 45 percent.

They say this is further compounded by the current asset management system that is unable to detect, analyse and manage leakages and non-revenue water in an efficient and effective manner.

TaKaDu’s founder and CEO Amir Peleg says for many years and across 15 countries, they are helping leading utilities to have a real impact on their customer service and to reduce water loss.

Peleg says they are very excited to now embark on this journey together with the Water Authority of Fiji as they aim to achieve these goals.

TaKaDu is global software provider of Central Event Management solutions for the water industry.

It uses automated cloud-based service which enables utilities to detect, Analyse and manage network events and incidents such as leaks, bursts, faulty assets, telemetry and data issues, operational failures and more.

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