Viral artist says talents used is talents multiplied

Viral artist says talents used is talents multiplied

By Alipate Narawa
Wednesday 24/05/2023

There is a video currently going viral on social media of an artist painting a portrait of Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna.

The person behind it is Tough Arts Fiji artist, Lino Lionel Colaitiniyara of Bagasau, Cakaudrove who lives by the motto talents used is talents multiplied.

Colaitiniyara revealed to fijivillage News that he was commissioned to do that painting, and it took him two days to complete.

He says art has always been a part of his life and at his lowest point, while scrolling through social media in a sugar cane field he saw news of his friends graduating, getting jobs, and started thinking about his own future.

The Tough Arts artist says he sought divine intervention on how to make use of his talent which is the only thing that he has.

He also says his prayers were answered a few months later and he started doing free portraits, the first of which was for a friend who then encouraged him to create a Facebook account to showcase his art.

Colaitiniyara further says he started off with $5 portraits and then as the demand grew the price went up to $10, $20, $30, $50 and then in 2019 he bumped it all the way up to $100.

His page went viral after being invited to exhibit a few pieces at the Alliance Française.

He adds that he utilises Facebook and TikTok to advertise his work and his engagement has grown over the last few years through this.

Colaitiniyara adds his family supported his dreams, and while they might not have had the resources, they always pushed him forward and encouraged him with prayers.

He says his wife is the mainstay of his business and he wants to provide everything for her and his 11-month-old son.

He is not only looking to the future but also wants to help those who will be the future, as he plans on holding art classes for primary students, high school and then later adults from this year.

Colaitiniyara’s advice to young people is to stop wasting time.

If you want to get a commissioned piece from him, you will have to wait, as he is totally booked till November.

You can check out his video below.

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