Video footage of the now-suspended Fiji FA Referees Director emerges with allegations that he had thrown rubbish on the beachside
Varman suspended indefinitely – Fiji FA

Video footage of the now-suspended Fiji FA Referees Director emerges with allegations that he had thrown rubbish on the beachside

Varman suspended indefinitely – Fiji FA

By Vijay Narayan , Dhanjay Deo
Friday 07/05/2021
Screenshot from video showing Referees Director of the Fiji Football Association picking up rubbish strewn over the beachside. Source: Jackie Inomea

A video has emerged on Facebook showing the now suspended Referees Director of the Fiji Football Association, Rakesh Varman picking up rubbish strewn over the beachside and the person shooting the video saying that the senior official had allegedly dumped the rubbish including baby diapers on the beach.

The person shooting the video says that they own that area and he will ensure the Fiji FA sees what the official is doing. The person also says in the video that he won’t take any money offered to him by the official.

The Fiji Football Association has made a statement that for this alleged action as seen in the video, the staff member has been indefinitely suspended with immediate effect and has been advised to provide a detailed report on the issue as well on his personal capacity.

Fiji FA President, Rajesh Patel says the Fiji FA has a code of conduct policy and such actions call the immediate attention of the Association to fully exhaust the internal disciplinary process.

Patel says the staff member has been advised accordingly for the actions while they will carry out their own investigations to ascertain the facts on this issue before a final decision is made by the Fiji FA Board.

He says they are aware of the video where the staff member is allegedly involved in dumping rubbish on a beach along the Coral Coast.


This was brought to Fiji FA’s attention via a video uploaded on Facebook, which is now viral over social media.

Patel says Fiji FA has always championed the course of protecting the environment in all their programmes and events.

He says they have a Social Responsibility Team that is regularly engaging with the society all over Fiji for the protection and safeguarding of the environment.

Patel stresses that Fiji FA will never condone such irresponsible acts.

Minister for Waterways and Environment, Doctor Mahendra Reddy says this a serious matter and they are looking into it.

Police say if the person has reported the matter then they will be in a better position to comment.

Dr Reddy asks PS Environment to investigate the now suspended Referees Director for allegedly disposing waste on the beachside

Minister thanks the person who caught this on camera
By Vijay Narayan
Friday 07/05/2021
Minister for Waterways and Environment Doctor Mahendra Reddy

Minister for Waterways and Environment, Doctor Mahendra Reddy says he has just asked the Permanent Secretary for Environment to start the process of prosecution for the now-suspended Fiji FA senior official caught on video after allegedly disposing waste on the beachside.

Doctor Reddy says this is a serious matter and they will not spare anyone who engages in such reckless activity. He says they have given ample warning to members of the public that they must properly dispose of their waste.

Doctor Reddy says anyone found disposing their waste in public places or in our pristine environment will be dealt with.

He says they are shocked to learn a highly educated person allegedly planned and undertook disposal of household waste on a public beach.

Doctor Reddy also wishes to thank the person who has got this act on camera and is asking all members of public to send them videos of people who are caught red-handed throwing litter in public.

He promises swift action on those caught in such irresponsible behaviour.

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