Film Fiji aims to support local film producers and scriptwriters

Film Fiji aims to support local film producers and scriptwriters

By Mosese Raqio
Wednesday 07/06/2023
[Photo: FilmFiji]

Supporting the development of a local Audio-Visual Industry capable of portraying unique Fijian voices on the screen, while also creating new career and business opportunities in the Audio-Visual sector is something Film Fiji aims to do after launching the Fiji Producers Accelerator and the Script Development Programs at the Suva Business Centre today.

With this purpose at heart, Film Fiji created the Fiji Script Development Program (FSDP) and the Fiji Producers Accelerator Program (FPAP).

Film Fiji CEO Ramiro Tenorio says they are excited about these two innovative programs that will support local filmmakers in Fiji.

He says the programs will help scriptwriters perfect their projects, while also bringing in required skills and network opportunities for local film producers, so that they learn how to present their projects to overseas markets and co-produce internationally.

He further says Film Fiji is proud to help strengthen the people’s voices through storytelling and film production and are eager to help these initiatives off the ground.

Tenorio adds the support from the European Union through the ACP-EU Programme (Pacific) facilitated by SPC has enabled the Pacific Community, Film Fiji intends to support up to 20 local Scriptwriters and 40 Film Producers in collaboration with Australia-based Media Mentors, an organization of highly experienced professionals led by Denise Eriksen and Esther Coleman-Hawkins, who have forged successful careers in the film and television industry.

He says the programs will assist their projects by steering them through 4-month industry-specific development programs during 2023.

Tenorio says the candidates will go through a 16 weeks training program followed by a Demo Day where the participants will engage with international industry producers and showcase their projects.

Tenorio further says the aim is that the selected candidates complete either the accelerator program or the development program, having been provided specific skills to create local films and co-produce internationally, supporting the creation of local intellectual property.

He also says there is opportunity to also develop international relationships with production companies and raise the profile of Fiji as a producer of audio-visual content.

Tenorio says there are filmmakers in Fiji with tremendous potential right now and hopes the scene will continue to grow and develop in years to come.

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