FCCC to review National Fiber Access Service prices for telecommunications industry

FCCC to review National Fiber Access Service prices for telecommunications industry

By Vijay Narayan
Monday 09/03/2020
Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission CEO Joel Abraham

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission is now reviewing the National Fiber Access Service prices for the telecommunications industry.

FCCC CEO Joel Abraham says the key priorities are the delivery of equitable, affordable broadband access to the National Fiber.

Abraham says the broadband networks are also recognized as basic national infrastructure – just like transport, energy and water networks.

He also says the unique and unforeseen growth of mobile telephone in less-developed countries has made it necessary for the construction of backhaul fiber-optic connectivity.

The commission says by examining Fiji’s telecommunication sector, along with some of the bottlenecks, highlights are on how Fiji can build on existing infrastructure to enhance its enabling environment and identify growing economic activities that can improve the wellbeing of its society and increase broadband investment.

FCCC says Backhaul Broadband fiber-optic cables are increasingly the technology of choice for both voice and data (internet) communications.

He says the industry trend worldwide is towards convergence in information communications technologies (ICTs) and such convergence allows consumers or end-users to access data, voice and visual communication via a single system such as a mobile phone or a desktop/laptop computer.

Abraham says this convergence relies on faster connections or larger bandwidth which is facilitated better by fiber-optic cable systems rather than satellites.

He also says another contribution of this review is a demonstration of how a range of decision-making methodologies and models can be used to choose appropriate technologies and develop investment strategies for Fiji and in any similar market through customization to market needs.

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