Dumping recyclables at the landfill is not the solution - Deo

Dumping recyclables at the landfill is not the solution - Deo

By fijivillage
Friday 25/11/2022
Founder of Pacific Recycling Foundation and CEO of Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited Mr. Amitesh Deo. Photo: Supplied

The founder of Pacific Recycling Foundation and CEO of Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited, Mr. Amitesh Deo is calling on organisations involved in developing waste management strategies to start thinking about the benefits of recycling and refrain from dumping waste materials like paper, cardboards, PET bottles, tin cans, aluminum cans, and metal at landfill.

Mr. Deo said while they understand that efforts are being directed to bring waste materials from around the country and even outer islands to ensure our communities have a safe and clean environment, one should question whether dumping recyclables at the landfill is the best solution.

"We feel that is not the best solution and are urging those intending to deal with waste materials to re-look at their strategies," said Mr. Deo.

He said WRFL has over 28 years of experience in waste management and recycling and it most certainly can share its expertise with such organisations.

Mr. Deo said recycling is the best solution to make Fiji a waste free country.

"We have been vigorously advocating for proper waste management and recycling through some of our projects that have been implemented in schools and communities, which have been done through stakeholder support. We cannot have a situation where we are trying to change mindsets and behaviour through our tailor-made recycling programs and on the other hand, some other organisations are trying to dump recyclables at landfills in the name of proper waste management," stated Mr. Deo.

He stressed that PRF, WRFL and other key stakeholders have contributed immensely in the waste management and recycling sector, and should be consulted for strategies regarding waste management.

"We also represent different sectors of the recycling space and are the voice for those involved in informal waste picking. It is not possible to hold any discussion or draw strategies regarding waste management without the voices of the grassroots communities, especially those engaged in informal waste picking which mostly comprises of women and members of the vulnerable community," said Mr. Deo.

He is calling on organisations to respect their principle of 'Nothing About Us Without Us', which is derived from the disability rights community and is also part of the Pacific culture.

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