Close to 2,000kg of recyclables collected so far through ROG Ambassadors project at Jai Narayan College - Deo

Close to 2,000kg of recyclables collected so far through ROG Ambassadors project at Jai Narayan College - Deo

By fijivillage
Tuesday 11/10/2022
PRF Founder and WRFL Director/CEO, Mr. Amitesh Deo

Pacific Recycling Foundation and Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited say the pioneer Recycling on the Go (ROG) Ambassadors project at Jai Narayan College is gaining good momentum as 1,997kg of recyclables have been collected between May and September, this year.

PRF Founder and WRFL Director/CEO, Mr. Amitesh Deo said 24 students of Jai Narayan College who have been appointed as the ROG Ambassadors, have taken up the initiative to advocate on waste management in their school and communities.

“591kg of recyclables were collected in May, 196kg in June, 223.5kg in July, 355.5kg in August and 631kg of recyclables were collected in September. Based on the statistics, we can see that low amounts of recyclables were collected for at least two months but it is encouraging to see a substantial increase in collection for September,” said Mr. Deo.

“The increase in the collection of recyclables shows that students have become more aware of what recyclables are and the sorting process has also improved,” stated Mr. Deo.

Mr. Deo said they are grateful to their ROG Ambassadors for taking up the challenge.

“It is not easy to advocate in this space and the students have to be acknowledged. We have heard some horror stories of name calling during the beginning of the project and this was very demoralising,” stated Mr. Deo.

Mr. Deo said the ROG Ambassadors took the message of proper waste management to 800 plus students after receiving proper training.

He said the idea is to launch the program in other schools next year, after releasing the findings of the project initiated at Jai Narayan College.

The Recycling on the Go (ROG) Ambassadors project is an initiative of PRF in partnership with Swire Shipping and Jai Narayan College. Recently, Bondwell Fiji has also pledged 24 smart phone devices in an effort to empower the 24 ROG Ambassadors in their recycling advocacy work.

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