I feel I have not shocked the world yet - Ngannou

I feel I have not shocked the world yet - Ngannou

By Mosese Raqio
Friday 08/03/2024
Source: Sporting News

I feel I have not shocked the world yet but I’m still in the factory, building, training and learning and when I am going to get a hold of everything, then that is when the world is going to be shocked.

Those were the words of former UFC heavyweight champion fighter Francis Ngannou as he prepares for his second professional boxing fight this weekend against Anthony Joshua.

Ngannou says he is just working and building on the sport that he loves but did not get the opportunity to play and get some experience.

He says he trusts the process and he is confident of putting on a great show against Joshua this weekend.

Ngannou says he is not leaving any stones unturned in this fight and he is confident in his team.

Ngannou has a total of 20 mixed martial arts fights and 17 wins including 12 knockouts with 3 losses.

He has also 1 win record in kickboxing and a loss in professional boxing.

Dubbed ‘The Predator’, Ngannou grew up in Batie, Cameroon and was raised by a single mother.

Desperate to help his family financially, Ngannou began to work in the sand mines at the age of 10 and did so for seven years in which the gruelling job made him become much bigger and stronger than others his age. Ngannou found boxing in his teens, but it wasn’t until he turned 26 that he decided to travel to France to pursue his fight dream.

It proved to be an incredible 14-month journey that saw him cross the Sahara Desert, drink dirty ‘dead animal’ water, and spend time in prison.

While speaking about his journey, the 37-year-old says he couldn't go to the airport and take a plane to France so he had to use all the back doors.

Ngannou who made millions of dollars after his boxing debut fight with Fury on October 28, was forced to swallow his money to avoid local law enforcement taking it from him.

The former UFC fighter finally arrived at his destination after 14 months

Once he made it to Spain, he was jailed for two months before being released.

Ngannou was unable to be deported because of his false documentation and ultimately settled in France after opting against travelling to the UK due to its strict border controls.

The fan-favourite fighter fare dodged his way to Paris on a train, and that’s where he ultimately found MMA and earned a contract from Dana White’s promotion.

Eight years later, he is one of the biggest stars in the sport despite recently parting ways with the UFC.

Ngannou will face Joshua in the main bout of the Knockout Chaos promotion in Saudi Arabia tomorrow.

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