Pre-Budget 2024-2025

Pre-Budget 2024-2025

By fijivillage
Wednesday 12/06/2024

2023-2024 National Budget Address

2023-2024 Budget Supplement

2023-2024 Budget Estimates

FTA and FTU call on the Govt to prioritize the right pay for the teachers and civil servants in the budget

By Navitalai Naivalurua
Thursday 06/06/2024
Fijian Teachers Association and Fiji Teachers Union Spokesperson Muniappa Goundar.

Fijian Teachers Association and Fiji Teachers Union Spokesperson Muniappa Goundar says for this National Budget, the government should show that they are a caring and worker-friendly government.

While responding to fijivillage News question on what the government should prioritize in the upcoming national budget, Goundar says for 17 years, the teachers and workers in the school system have been deprived of good pay.

He adds considering the high cost of living, there needs to be a change seen in the way the government leads the nation.

When questioned if there are other issues that need the government's attention, Goundar says all FTA and FTU board members are looking forward to better pay for their members.

The 2024/2025 National Budget will be delivered at 10am on June 28th.

Qaraniqio's passion as a nurse keeps him going despite challenges

By Mikaele Liga
Wednesday 12/06/2024
Photo: JKL-Media

The call for service and passion for work is what keeps Rupeni Qaraniqio, going despite the challenges he faces in Vanuabalavu as a registered nurse serving in the Lomaloma Subdivision in Vanuabalavu.

Qaraniqio, who is the team leader serving in Vanuabalavu, says his team is currently doing a great job, despite the issues they face in the field.

He says their major concern and challenge is transportation via boat in the open seas because the weather is unpredictable most of the time.

Qaraniqio is hoping the Government will look into their transportation issues in the upcoming budget, because of the risks associated with transportation in the open seas.

He adds that his love for this noble profession of serving the public in the maritime areas is God’s calling into his life and he will do his best with the help of his team members to carry out his duties.

Rise in cost of living and drugs – FCOSS

Unfortunately MPs prioritised their salaries and benefits first - Catanasiga
By Navitalai Naivalurua
Tuesday 04/06/2024
Director of Fiji Council of Social Services, Vani Catanasiga

The Director of Fiji Council of Social Services, Vani Catanasiga, says communities are still reeling from the impact of the rise in the cost of living and are also concerned about the drug issues faced within the country however the government and majority of the parliamentarians have unfortunately prioritised their salaries and benefits first.

Catanasiga says they feel these issues would motivate the MPs to really re-focus and prioritize key actions that will protect the most vulnerable.

She says every community they visited are still struggling to deal with the rise in the cost of living, and the rainy weather we have experienced over the past few weeks has also affected people's lives.

The FCOSS Director says another ongoing concern is the drug issues in Fiji, as there is not enough support given to the authorities to tackle the problem.

She adds that there is a need for a rehabilitation facility to be set up in the country to deal with and assist drug addicts.

Catanasiga says they are also concerned about the reports of children using and peddling drugs.

She wants these serious issues to be addressed in the 2024/2025 National Budget that will be delivered on June 28th.

Any changes to the minimum wage rate will affect our SMEs – Lockington

By Navitalai Naivalurua
Tuesday 04/06/2024
[Image: File]

The CEO of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association, Fantasha Lockington is calling on the government to re-look at the national minimum wage before approving any changes which will have a drastic impact on small and medium-sized enterprises.

With the Fiji Trades Union Congress calling for the national minimum wage rate to start at $6 per hour, Lockington says the Government should first look at the sectoral wages as different sectors are already paying higher rates than the minimum wage rate of $4.

She says any increase in the minimum wage rate will definitely affect our SMEs as they won’t be able to afford the increase.

She adds that SMEs make up quite a large percentage of the country’s workforce, and they should be protected.

While launching the FTUC National Minimum Wage campaign during their 50th Biennial Delegates Conference in Nadi last month, the Union had called on the government to increase the national minimum wage to $6 per hour.

The current national minimum wage is $4 per hour.

Minister for Employment Agni Deo Singh confirms that the new wage rate will be effective from the 1st of August 2024, which will be announced in the budget address by the Minister for Finance.

The budget address will be delivered at 10am on Friday June 28th.

Prof. Prasad concentrates on budget, makes no comments on the gazetted increases

By Navitalai Naivalurua
Monday 03/06/2024
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Professor Biman Prasad

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Professor Biman Prasad says the government’s focus now is on the next budget, and whatever policies and decisions by the government are bound to have supporters and also those that will be against it.

Professor Prasad highlighted this when questioned by fijivillage News on his stand after the increase in the salaries and benefits of the President, Speaker, members of cabinet and Parliament were gazetted last Thursday without public consultations and a Bill to be taken to parliament.

Professor Prasad says he has said everything in Parliament, and he will leave it at that.

While speaking on behalf of the 5 NFP Members of Parliament, Professor Prasad had said that when the Parliamentary Emoluments Committee report came out, they were to take it back to the NFP Management Board as the decision of the NFP was that the MPs should not recommend increases to their own salaries.

Professor Prasad said their position on this matter is in accordance with the directive of the party.

Professor Prasad said the NFP earlier voted against the increase in allowances as it was determined by the FijiFirst Government, and also does not support the proposed increases in the report this time.

When questioned on his message to the people, Professor Prasad says this is a government which has provided absolute freedom, openness and transparency about how they do things in the country.

The 2024/2025 National Budget will be delivered at 10am on Friday June 28th.

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Pre-Budget 2024-2025
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