Why finding your favourite fragrance will make you feel better

Why finding your favourite fragrance will make you feel better

By fijivillage
Tuesday 20/10/2020
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Having a fragrance wardrobe is the opposite of finding that one perfect signature scent.

The idea is that, much like having a closet that’s filled with clothes you can mix and match, you should have a selection of fragrances that work for you, depending on your mood and the occasion.

Our ability to smell is the oldest and most developed of our five senses.

As cell-like life forms, before we could touch, hear or see, we learned to primitively respond to chemicals around us in the air and water.

This is why the human nose contains more than 1,000 smell receptors while our eyes have just four light sensors.

Scent is hard-wired into our brain, enabling us to experience it in a far more visceral way.

It’s always been crucial in terms of maintaining our survival, says Dr Caroline Allen, a psychology lecturer at Newcastle University who specialises in the role that scents play in human interactions. “Odours contain important information about hazards, such as contaminated food, potentially communicable diseases, and other people’s emotions,” she says.

“The fact that we have such a large fragrance industry, which has existed since the early Greek civilisations, and choose to add fragrances to a whole range of everyday items shows us how important smell is.”

[Source: Guardian]

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