Even Celebs Can’t Escape the Overdressed GF, Underdressed BF Trope

Even Celebs Can’t Escape the Overdressed GF, Underdressed BF Trope

By fijivillage
Friday 01/09/2023
Photo: Vogue

Don’t you hate it when you get all dressed up to promote your skincare brand’s new collaboration with a national donut chain and your husband shows up in a groutfit with a trucker hat pulled over his tightly tied hoodie and a pair of bright yellow Crocs? If you feel seen by this quagmire, know that you aren’t alone.

Hailey Bieber recently found herself in this very predicament with her husband Justin: a classic case of what the internet has dubbed “Overdressed GF, Underdressed BF.”

Always put-together, Mrs. Bieber regularly steps out in chic minidresses and high heels.

Justin, on the other hand, has become known as a serial under-dresser, consistently wearing hoodies, baggy jeans, oversized tees, and backwards caps to date nights and other events where “casual” probably isn't the operative word in the dress code.

The Biebers have long embodied the extremes of the Overdressed GF, Underdressed BF dichotomy.

But the most recent instance, which occurred on the day Hailey launched her Krispy Kreme collaboration with her skincare company Rhode, seemed particularly relatable online.

“He’s always dressed like he’s about to go help his mom bring in groceries from the car,” user @SaeedDiCaprio wrote on Twitter.

Others joked about the frustration that comes with being dragged down by association.

“Id be so angry if i was giving the girls my best look of the year and here come my husband,” @siyyaninaas said.

Although he didn’t deck himself out in head-to-toe strawberry merch, Justin was ever the supportive husband, posting a sweet Instagram dedicated to Hailey and the launch.

Behind-the-scenes videos also captured Jusin in full IG Husband mode, snapping pictures of his beloved in front of her Times Square billboard.

“very unpopular opinion but i kinda love that he clearly doesn’t want the attention on him.

He wants her to stand out for her OWN event while he just shows up to show her love from the sidelines and i honestly love that,” a user named Isabel tweeted.

But the Biebers’ complete inability to dress for the same occasion has become the most relatable thing about them.

Who among us hasn’t thrown up their hands in defeat when they’ve put in an hour getting ready and their boyfriend rocks up in a pair of busted overalls and Crocs? And while the highly memed fashion divide is a largely heteronormative phenomenon, it’s resonated with the queer community.

“Me when i show up somewhere with my femme girlfriend,” writer Kristen Arnett tweeted about the Rhode launch.

Source: Vogue

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