Constitutional Commissioner confirms SDL made submissions in Suva and Nasinu

Constitutional Commissioner confirms SDL made submissions in Suva and Nasinu

Wednesday 15/08/2012
Constitutional Commissioner, Penelope Moore has confirmed that their records state that the SDL party made a submission in Suva and Nasinu.

Moore has confirmed that the submission clearly stated that it was from the SDL on both occasions.  

Fijivillage has been informed that the SDL’s plan was to make the same summarized version of the party’s submission at different venues.

When questioned on this, Moore has said this can be done however the commission is also looking at diverse views.

Fijivillage has highlighted that senior SDL party officials had made the submission on the first day of consultations at the Suva Civic Centre.

According to our recordings of the submissions which are also recorded by the commission staff and confirmed by Commissioner Moore, the SDL officials said on the record while presenting their submission that it was being made on behalf of the SDL party. This was done in the presence of SDL President, Solomoni Naivalu.
Copies of the submissions presented were then given to Fijivillage and the commission staff by the SDL officials.

In the SDL submission to the Constitution Commission, it wants Fiji to be declared a Christian State, Christianity to be the state religion and Fijian to be the national language of the state.

SDL said in the submission that they also want the name “Fijian” to be reserved for the indigenous Fijians and all citizens to be called “Fiji Islanders”. 

SDL also proposed that there should be no provisions for dual citizenship.

They propose that parliament and senate should be retained, some communal seats to be retained and the balance to be won under the one man one vote system.

On the appointment of the country’s President and Vice President, SDL has suggested that they should still be appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs.

Now SDL has released a statement saying it is not their submission and they will make their presentation in September or October. 

According to a statement released by Mesake Koroi, Party President Naivalu said he was only present during the consultations to observe how Professor Yash Ghai conducts the public submissions.

SDL also said that it is a multi racial party.

However, the party said it is motivated by the ideals and principles of Christianity but at the same time is not oblivious to the religious beliefs of other ethnic communities in Fiji.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

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