We live in a use and throwaway society – PS for Environment

We live in a use and throwaway society – PS for Environment

By Krishneel Nair
Wednesday 01/02/2023

We live in a use and throwaway society, and people’s behaviour needs to change, recycling is an opportunity for communities and individuals to do their part in protecting the environment.

This was stated by the newly appointed Permanent Secretary for Waterways and Environment, Mere Siqila-Lakeba at a meeting with Pacific Recycling Foundation and Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited, in Koronivia.

Siqila-Lakeba says recycling offers a wide array of significant benefits that are not only limited to our environment but also the economy, health, and social well-being.

The Permanent Secretary also says for years, Fijians have put everything in one bin, and there is no sorting at the source, unlike other developed countries like Australia and New Zealand.

She says as responsible citizens, people need to understand how the waste they produce from their day-to-day activities, can negatively impact the environment if it is not managed or disposed of properly.

The Permanent Secretary also says cans, bottles, plastics and organic matter in both solid and liquid form are just rolled up and left in the rubbish bin for garbage collection when a majority of these items can be recycled.

Siqila-Lakeba further says recycling saves critical air spaces in the landfills and dumpsites as less waste is taken to the landfills thus, ensuring its longevity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the amount of unnecessary waste ending up at the landfills and dump-sites.

The Founder of Pacific Recycling Foundation and CEO of Waste Recyclers Fiji Limited, Amitesh Deo says 2023 is an important year for PRF as they want to solidify their partnerships and upscale current projects and programs.

Deo says the meeting also allowed him to inform Siqila-Lakeba on PRF’s engagement with the Collection Pillars of Recycling, formerly known as informal waste pickers.

He adds the structured support that has been provided to the CPRs, particularly women and members of the LGBTQI+ communities.

The meeting took place at PRF and WRFL’s Head Office in Koronivia, Nausori.

PRF and WRFL collaborated with the Department of Environment on a few projects last year.

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