Volivoli resident disappointed due to no TV signal to watch the Dubai 7s
Nadawa family plans to purchase Walesi set top box and UHF antenna to watch Dubai 7s

Volivoli resident disappointed due to no TV signal to watch the Dubai 7s

Nadawa family plans to purchase Walesi set top box and UHF antenna to watch Dubai 7s

By Vijay Narayan , Shanil Singh , Iva Danford
Friday 03/12/2021
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A resident of Volivoli, Rakiraki has raised concerns as he cannot get a TV signal on the Walesi platform since last week and they want to watch the Dubai 7s.

Gyanendra Sharma says he has a Walesi set-top box and an antenna but he is not able to watch television.

He says he had bought an antenna for $75 when Walesi was introduced in Fiji.

Sharma says several other families are facing the same issue and they have lodged a complaint with Walesi several times but the issue has not been fixed yet.

We have contacted Walesi regarding this complaint however they say they are unaware of any network issues in the area, and they are requesting the customer to contact them directly.

Nadawa resident Jovesa Korovulavula says they are planning to purchase a Walesi set top box and UHF antenna to watch the Dubai 7s this weekend.

Korovulavula says if they are not able to purchase it soon enough then they will be going to his sister’s house to watch the 7s.

Meanwhile, following the switching off of analogue television transmission in many parts of the country, some residents of Naivikinikini in Lami who do not have access to Walesi set-top boxes connected to their home television set are disappointed as they no longer have access to television channels.

Frances Qounadovu says this was the talk of the town for them as there was no prior notice given about the switch over.

She says majority of the homes have the Walesi set-top box but do not have the UHF antenna as it is expensive.

Qounadovu says this has had a great impact on them.

Qounadovu says only about 10 out of the 60 families in Naivikinikini have access to Walesi channels.

Households with a combined annual income of up to $30,000 a year can apply for a free Walesi set-top box under the Government’s subsidised scheme.

Walesi also says 189,526 homes are connected to Walesi Digital Television.

Fiji Television Limited announced on Tuesday that their analogue free to air television transmitter in Tamavua, Suva and Sabeto in Nadi will be shut down from this Wednesday after the Government’s decision for the companies to move from analogue to the digital platform, Walesi.

This means that people in the affected areas will only be able to access the Fiji One TV signal via a Walesi set-top box connected to their home television set with a UHF antenna or through the Walesi app or via a Walesi satellite dish connected to the set-top box. People in the affected areas can no longer access the Fiji One TV, FBC TV, Mai TV or any other TV signal via an antenna connected to their television set.

In a market announcement, the publicly listed company says the shutting down of the analogue transmitters in Suva and Nadi is in accordance with correspondence from the Ministry of Communications and is in line with phase one of the Government’s planned switch-over process from analogue to digital television, Walesi. Fiji TV says the areas affected in the Central and Eastern Division are Pacific Harbour, parts of Beqa, Navua, Naboro, Wainadoi, Lami, Delainavesi, all areas in Suva, all areas in Nasinu, all areas in Nausori, parts of Korovou and Natovi, parts of Ovalau, parts of Koro, parts of Batiki and Moturiki, areas affected in the Western Division include Nadi, Lautoka, parts of Ba, parts of Mamanuca and Yasawa and parts of the Coral Coast, and Vunisea and surrounding areas in Kadavu. The company says Fiji One viewers in Ba and Vanua Levu will continue to access Fiji One via the analogue platform however they are strongly advised to switch over to Walesi. We have sent questions to Fiji TV on what is the financial impact on the company, what is the asset value of the transmitters being shut down and what would all those assets be used for, what is the fee that Fiji TV has to pay to Walesi for their channels on the platform, how will this affect the company financially, did the company enter into negotiations on the shut down of the analogue transmitters and what was the advice given by the company to the Ministry of Communications on the effects on the company and the people that do not have Walesi set-top boxes, antennas or dishes, their thoughts on whether there are any benefits to leave the analogue transmitters on for those who do not have the Walesi set-top boxes and whether there have been any discussions on the type of license Fiji TV has and are there any changes to it since the transmission is being moved to the Walesi platform.

Fiji Television Limited has released another market announcement saying that it has been granted a Television Broadcast Operator License for a period of 12 years with effect from Wednesday, December 1st 2021.

It says this license was granted today by the Attorney General and Minister of Communication, Aiyaz Saiyed-Khaiyum, under the Television and Online Streaming Act 1992.

The license entitles Fiji TV to operate a free to air television broadcast service.

Chairman, Deepak Rathod says he is pleased with the 12 years broadcast license as it will enhance investor confidence in Fiji TV as a listed company.

We have sent questions to Acting Permanent Secretary for Communications, Tupou’tuah Baravilala on the Fiji TV market announcement.

We are still awaiting the response from Fiji TV and the Communications Ministry.

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