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Sai Prema Foundation assists 7000 people in the North

Sai Prema Foundation assists 7000 people in the North

By Shanil Singh
Tuesday 05/01/2021
[Photo: Sai Prema Foundation]

The Sai Prema Foundation Fiji has assisted 7,000 people with food and other relief items in the cyclone-affected areas of Vanua Levu.

A team travelled from Suva to deliver their “Buckets Full of Love” which contained food items like rice, flour, split peas, milk powder, breakfast crackers, tea bags and juice.

It also includes other essential items such as dental kits, blankets, sanitary pads, new clothes, mosquito nets and building kits such as straps, hammer and nails.

The areas covered include Nabouwalu, Bua, Urata Cakaudrove, Nakawaqa, Nukubolu, Dreketi, Naibulu Irrigation 1 & 2, Matasawa Reketi, Qaraniqoli, Matasawa, Malawai, Vunidagi, Somosomo, Saivo Junction, Water Lily Pond, Tabia Top, Seaqaqa, Namara Squatter Settlement, Daku, Wainikoro, Galedamu, Kilikoso, Waiqele, Siberia, Nagigi, Vunivau, Valevasoga, Voca 2 and Bulileka.

The Foundation has thanked all those who assisted them distribute the items.

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