People urged to switch off auto date and time settings on their phones

People urged to switch off auto date and time settings on their phones

By Shanil Singh
Saturday 07/11/2020
[Image: androidcentral]

People are being urged to switch off auto date and time under settings to avoid their phone moving forward by an hour tomorrow.

Daylight saving starts on 20th December.

Vodafone Fiji had earlier advised people to put the device time setting to manual on their electronic devices to avoid multiple incidents of de-synchronization of time.

They say devices such as laptops, computers and phones have an inbuilt date and time that operate on propriety operating software installed by the device manufacturer.

They say if a country decides to implement daylight savings than the device time needs to be adjusted accordingly to reflect the daylight saving time.

Vodafone adds that to ensure minimum disruption to the public as a result of daylight saving, countries that implement it ensures that the start and end days of daylight saving remain the same every year.

It says, unfortunately in Fiji’s case, there has been a major shift in the daylight saving time this year due to the changes forced by COVID-19.

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