Our young generation are the custodians of mother earth -Ro Teimumu Kepa

Our young generation are the custodians of mother earth -Ro Teimumu Kepa

By Iliana Biutu
Thursday 03/08/2023
Paramount Chief of Burebasaga Ro Teimumu Kepa

Our young generation is the custodians of mother earth, and they need to be taught traditional knowledge on how to sustain nature.

This was highlighted by the Paramount Chief of Burebasaga Ro Teimumu Kepa when asked by fijivillage News to comment on the overall remarks from the three day Vakatabu conference that was held at Studio 6.

Ro Teimumu says their forefathers have wisdom in tilling the land but also the marine resources which they need to look after for the next generation.

She says in her province they have traditional knowledge of how to preserve soil erosion, which they still practice nowadays.

Paramount Chief says to sustain those knowledge we need to continue practicing it and sharing it with our young children.

She adds sustainability is all about protecting nature.

Meanwhile, a representative from Rewa Lomanikoro Napolinio Silatolu says home is our first cultural centre and we need to implement traditions and culture first at home.

The former teacher says educating the community will enrich our culture and sustain our indigenous knowledge wherever we came from.

Silatolu says the teaching of tradition and culture is needed to be endorsed and be taught again in primary schools up until further studies.

He adds we need to encourage Fiji and the people to pause, rethink and re-imagine new development pathways in light of the impacts of climate and cultural changes that are happening in the communities.

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