Nawaikula says he is sure the current government will be voted out next year

Nawaikula says he is sure the current government will be voted out next year

By Iva Danford
Tuesday 11/07/2017
SODELPA MP Niko Nawaikula.

SODELPA MP Niko Nawaikula says he does not support the 2017/2018 National Budget and he claims that the FijiFirst government has been riding on the building blocks that were put in place by the Qarase government.

Nawaikula says that this is how the government is surviving.

He then went on to say that he is happy that the current government will be out next year as he is sure that they will be voted out.

Nawaikula says that the FijiFirst government in the last 10 years has been doing selective assistance.

He also questioned the government on what type of economist is advising them because their advice is totally wrong.

Nawaikula says the budget is a vote buying exercise.

Nawaikula also says that the Police pay rise was not an increase but an adjustment and the civil servants pay rise is conditional and not genuine.

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