Ministry of Agriculture has announced 27 agricultural support programmes to boost development

Ministry of Agriculture has announced 27 agricultural support programmes to boost development

By Krishneel Nair
Saturday 06/08/2022
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The Ministry of Agriculture has announced 27 agricultural support programmes to boost agriculture development in the country for increased productivity and to boost foreign exchange earnings.

The ministry says farm mechanization initiatives include small farming equipment, agro-processing machines, yaqona commercial farming equipment, farm mechanization and rice harvester.

They say there are allocations for the continuation of the commercial farmers equity package, land preparation for young commercial farmers, infrastructure support to exporters and agro-processors.

They also say the allocation of $7million going towards the outsourcing of agriculture machinery for the hiring of tractors, diggers and bulldozers for land clearing and preparation work.

Minister for Agriculture, Doctor Mahendra Reddy says this is to boost farmers production which would create more surplus for exports.

Doctor Reddy says these programs will help farmers deal with the costs of stabilizing markets post-pandemic, cushion the effects of the Russia and Ukraine conflicts, raise farm outputs and boost exports.

He reaffirmed an allocation of $29.2million to support farmers to maintain a sustainable level of national food security.

He says the 27 initiatives, along with other farmers’ direct support, total more than $29.2 million equivalent to 45 per cent of the total 2022-2023 Ministry of Agriculture budget.

The minister says the 27 programs will be advertised online and will remain open till the 31st of this month.

He adds this is the largest post-production, supply and export package ever.

The ministry says the support provided will be for individuals who have never received assistance before and; for those who have received assistance in the past and have established themselves well, can now expand their farming businesses even further.

The 27 programmes are further grouped and have their own respective requirements per programme.

The Commercial Agriculture Crop Farming Initiatives encompasses Farm Shed Support programme, Hydroponics Farming System Support, Irrigation Kit Support, Borehole Support, Small Farming and Agro-Processing Equipment, Women in Agriculture, Fruit Tree Orchard Development and Organic Development programme.

The Commercial Agriculture Livestock Farming Initiatives include Fencing Kit Support for Beef, Goat and Sheep respectively, Beef Stock Yard, Goat Shed, Goat Rearing, Sheep Shed, Small Holder Dairy, Pig Farrowing Crates, Piggery Pan Development, Home Biogas Digester and Poultry Shed programme.

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