People say they have been drastically impacted by increase in VAT and bus fare

People say they have been drastically impacted by increase in VAT and bus fare

By Abigail Sorovi
Tuesday 01/08/2023

People say they have been drastically affected by the 15 percent increase in VAT for those items that are not zero rated and 10 percent subsidy on bus fares while social welfare recipients have different views on the increase.

70-year-old Leba Mereula of Tovu, Totoya in Lau says the $25 increase in the Social Welfare assistance is not enough and will not assist them in this financial crisis.

While speaking to fijivillage News, Sharman Govind of Tamavua, the increase in VAT will affect his family as he is the sole bread winner, working as a shoe repairer in Suva.

Ulamila Tobeyaweni of Valelevu says the increase in price will be a struggle for some households that have a lot of children even though both parents are working.

Siteri Naceva of Khalsa Road says she agrees with the increase in VAT as it will help pay our debts.

She says the citizens of Fiji can bare for a little since paying back the debt will leave a better Fiji for the future.

Leba Mereula says the employed citizens in Fiji will not only be affected by the rise of food prices, the rise of fuel prices and bus fares but those in the maritime islands will be affected the most.

Mereula who is a social welfare recipient says other recipients living in the village will be the worst affected by this.

74-year-old Chandrakali from Waila Settlement says she is happy that the government has increased their allowance by $25.

She says the prices of a lot of things are going up and she is asthmatic and has had a heart attack so this will help her buy more things for her home and medicine.


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