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Full time: Police 32-8 Army

Full time: Police 32-8 Army

By Navitalai Naivalurua
Friday 11/12/2020

Full time: Police 32-8 Army

81st min: Try to Police. Army 8-32 Police

79th min: Try to Army. Apisai Domolailai. Army 8-25 Police.

75th min: Army still looking for their first try. Army 3-25 Police

72nd min: Try to Police from Aporosa Saukuru. Army 3-25 Police.

70th min: Army trying very hard to break through the defence of Police. Army 3-18 Police

66th min: Police gets penalised for not releasing the ball. Army clears the ball from their 22 meter but Police steals the ball from the line-up. Army 3-18 Police

65th min: Army giving all they can but Police defence are standing like a brick wall. Army gets penalised for not releasing.

62nd min: Police turns over the ball inside Army's 22 meter line and Terio Tamani gets a drop goal. Army 3-18 Police

54th min: Police penalised for taking up too much time.. Army on attack but is gone outside the field.

52nd min: saving tackle from Apisai Vota of Army.

49th min: Police on attack but losses the ball inside Army's 22 meter line. Army 3-15 Police.

47th min: A bit of tension from both sides. Army 3-15 Police

46th min: Army held up on the try line. They have another chance to attack.

45th min: Army on the attack. Hoping to get their first try of the match.

42nd min: try to Police. Army 3-15 Police

2nd half: Police kick-off

Half time: Army 3-10 Police

35th min: brilliant play from Police. First try to Police from Joseva Kuricuva...Army 3-10 Police

29th min: Army gets a penalty inside Police 22 meter.. Army now have a chance to score the first try of the game.. Army 3-3 Police

24th min: Jovesa Kuricuva converts penalty.. Army 3-3 Police

22nd min: water break. Army 3-0 Police.

19th min: Army on attack.Army 3-0 Police

16th min: Joseva Kuricuva misses. Army 3-0 Police.

16th min: Army penalised inside their 10 meter line: Joseva Kurivuva aims for 3 points.

14th min: Jone Manu converts penalty.. Army 3-0 Police

14th min: Police is penalised inside their 22 meter line for a high tackle. Army taking the 3 points.

13th min: Police knocks on the ball inside their 22-meter line, giving Army another chance to attack

10th min: Army puts pressure on Police.

4th min: First chance for Army as they are now inside Police's 22 meter

3rd min: Police survive Army attack... but gives away the ball for a not straight lineout.

2nd min: Army penalised for not releasing giving Police the chance to attack

2nd min: Army gets penalised for holding on in Police's 10 meters.

1st min: Police gets penalised for holding on.

Kick-off Army.


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