LTA books bus company for not providing bus services in Vuda, Lautoka

LTA books bus company for not providing bus services in Vuda, Lautoka

By Rashika Kumar
Saturday 30/12/2023
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Following concerns raised by residents of Lautoka on irregular bus services being provided in the Vuda Back Road area, the Land Transport Authority says the bus company has been given a traffic infringement notice last Thursday for not providing bus services at a specific time as per the permit condition.

Vuda Roads Committee representative Vyas Deo Sharma says they demand regular bus service and not just a trip in the morning and the afternoon.

He says about 120 families are being affected because of this where students had to travel in a carrier to get to the main road and catch a bus.

Sharma says people have to pay almost $20 after getting their shopping done in the city.

While responding to questions by fijivillage News, LTA says bus service in the area is being provided daily for the morning labour trip and in the afternoon.

LTA says they approached the company to increase bus services aligned to their bus road route license and the Authority is also monitoring the said route to ensure compliance.

They say the Authority has issued clear instructions to the company for trips to resume as normal and are currently monitoring all trips scheduled for the said area to ensure the company adheres to their permit conditions by providing service and any breach will result in further action being taken against the bus company.

LTA adds they had conducted consultations with the management of the company and issued clear instructions for bus services to resume as normally aligned to their permit conditions.

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