GCC will be reinstated under the existing i-Taukei Affairs Act – Vasu
Everything in relation to the i-Taukei people is enshrined in the 2013 Constitution - Usamate

GCC will be reinstated under the existing i-Taukei Affairs Act – Vasu

Everything in relation to the i-Taukei people is enshrined in the 2013 Constitution - Usamate

By Navitalai Naivalurua
Monday 20/11/2023
Minister for i-Taukei Affairs Ifereimi Vasu and Oppositon MP Jone Usamate

Minister for i-Taukei Affairs Ifereimi Vasu says the GCC will be re-instated under the existing i-Taukei Affairs Act, and this will be accompanied by necessary revisions to the i-Taukei Trust Fund Act to facilitate this provisional matters, however, FijiFirst MP and Opposition member, Jone Usamate, says everything in relation to the iTaukei is all enshrined in the 2013 Constitution.

While making his ministerial statement in Parliament, Vasu says the GCC Review Team came up with 8 recommendations such as the GCC to be independent and politically neutral, the GCC has to be established as a Statutory Trust under an Act of Parliament, the i-Taukei Trust Fund be moved under the proposed GCC strata and grow its financial base, the GCC to be proactive in advocating and directing and oversighting i-Taukei interest and aspirations, the GCC maintain and strengthen its advisory function in nation building, the GCC champions strongly advocating and set strategic direction on 8 thematic areas namely spiritual well-being and service centred, good governance and good leadership, economic empowerment, culture, tradition and resource ownership, education, health and well-being, environment and climate change, one out of the three seats per province be allocated for women with provision for observer status for ordinary citizens and youth representatives and a non voting seat to be allocated to Christian churches and an implementation team to be established.

He says the review team visited every province within the country, and sought the wisdom of local communities and also conducted consultation with Fijians from all walks of life.

Responding to the ministerial statement, FijiFirst MP Jone Usamate says this government has overturned the decision in relation to the equal distribution of lease money and has treated all i-Taukei unequally.

The FijiFirst MP also questioned the legality of the changes the Government has made during their time of leadership.

Usamate claims the Attorney General is giving wrong advice.

Meanwhile we are currently trying to get the comments of Attorney General, Siromi Turaga.

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