FRCS to publish TINs of businesses failing to file VAT returns

FRCS to publish TINs of businesses failing to file VAT returns

By Rashika Kumar
Friday 05/01/2024

If you have failed to file VAT returns with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service for your business for engaging in business with other entities, then the businesse Taxpayer Identification Number has been published on the FRCS website while the TIN of other businesses who have not filed the returns will be published in the coming months.

FRCS says they are very concerned about non lodgement of VAT returns by registered entities and has announced the commencement of the second phase of the VAT Compliance Campaign, a critical initiative aimed at ensuring fiscal responsibility and compliance within the Fijian business community.

They say the VAT Compliance Campaign is a comprehensive effort to enhance tax compliance and optimize VAT revenue which targets two distinct segments of non-compliant taxpayers which are Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customers (B2C).

They say FRCS, based on advanced data analysis techniques, has identified that there are 2,972 businesses (Suppliers) who have issued VAT Inclusive Price (VIP) invoices to other VAT-registered businesses (customers) but have not fulfilled their obligation to file VAT returns.

They say this non-compliance behaviour has resulted in customers claiming VAT input credits in their VAT returns, leading to a distortion in the VAT revenue stream.

FRCS further says they are concurrently addressing the second stream of non-compliance, which pertains to businesses that remain active and engaged in commercial transactions but have pending VAT returns and the listing of these businesses would be included in Batch 2 in the coming months.

FRCS says they are committed to fostering tax compliance and providing support to taxpayers in meeting their obligations and are encouraging taxpayers to take advantage of the resources available.

FRCS again reiterates that the 2,972 taxpayers identified from Batch 1, must take immediate actions necessary to achieve full VAT compliance status.

The 2,972 taxpayers are required to lodge all their outstanding VAT returns by 29th February 2024.

Should there be a failure on their part to update their VAT returns by the due date, FRCS will raise default assessment, may impose penalties, or consider prosecution as prescribed within Fijian tax laws.

They add they will continue to emphasize that one of the key objectives of FRCS is to foster a culture of voluntary tax compliance, promote transparency, and ensure the sustainability of our nation's fiscal resources.


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