Provisional results from 1,070 of 2,071 stations released

Provisional results from 1,070 of 2,071 stations released

By Naveel Krishant
Thursday 15/12/2022
Update at 4am, Thursday 15th December 2022

The Fijian Elections Office has released provisional results from 1,070 of 2,071 stations.

The FijiFirst party is leading with 132,037 votes.

The People’s Alliance is second with 102,255 votes, NFP is third with 27,871 votes.

SODELPA has 13,880 votes, FLP has 7,957 , Unity Fiji has 7,882, We Unite Fiji Party has 3,432 votes, All People’s Party has 1,298 votes while New Generation Party has 556 votes.

Independent Candidates Rajendra Prasad and Ravinesh Reddy have 106 and 49 votes respectively.

Fijian Elections app taken down for now and results will soon be released on the app with printouts of the result management system

By Vijay Narayan
Thursday 15/12/2022

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem says they have taken down the Fijian Elections Office app as People’s Alliance candidate, Peceli Vosanibola had received 15,000 votes on the app but in fact he has 63 votes in the Results Management System.

Saneem says they will start the app again but they will also have printouts of the provisional results management system on their facebook page as well.

He says this is to ensure that we can verify the data as they do not want this to happen on the app again.

Saneem says they will give a full statement later.

He did not want to comment when asked on whether it was a human or technical error.

Saneem said he will comment later.

Saneem apologises and says they had detected an anomaly that caused them to pull down app and result platform

By Navitalai Naivalurua
Thursday 15/12/2022
Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem. [Image: Fijian Elections Office]

The Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, has apologised to the public that they had to take down the FEO app and results platform because when they published the last result with about 507 polling stations, they detected an anomaly in which they noted certain candidates had the results like 28,000 and 14,000 on the app.

Saneem says to cure this, they had to review the entire mechanism through which they were pushing out results.

He says the result management system is an offline system and the staging laptop is used to transmit the result to the app and the website.

He adds that in one instance, the upload had been interrupted mid-way and this caused the mismatch of the ID of the candidate in the app to the staging laptop and as the vote numbers changed to certain candidates who suddenly got allocated the votes in the app.

The Supervisor says they had deleted the data that had been published and then re-uploaded the data on the app and now they have published it again.

He says they are hopeful that the anomaly has been fixed and they will ensure that they always submit provisional results in PDF format so that in the event the app data does not match, media can flag it to them immediately, whilst they will also be doing the checking themselves.

The Supervisor says they will be publishing provisional results right up until 7am today.

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