FBOA to meet with the new Minister to discuss issues confronting the industry

FBOA to meet with the new Minister to discuss issues confronting the industry

By Marika Rasekaseka
Monday 09/01/2023
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The Fiji Bus Operators Association is expected to meet the Minister for Transport, Ro Filipe Tuisawau and discuss issues confronting the industry, including a review of the electronic ticketing system.

FBOA President Richard Lal says bus operators agree this may be the right time to review the system since the electronic ticketing system was introduced for the last five years.

Lal says bus operators are looking forward to reviewing aspects of the electronic ticketing system to improve efficiency and ensure it is serving the needs of the travelling public, is sustainable for bus companies and is fit for purpose.

He says since the launch five years ago, an estimated 95% of the travelling public have been using the system.

He adds while challenges remain to improve the system for users, there have been numerous benefits for passengers, drivers, and bus companies because, during this period, attacks on and robberies of drivers have fallen because of the absence of cash in buses and making it safer for drivers and passengers.

The President says during the COVID-19 pandemic, electronic ticketing contributed to a safer travelling public because cash handling was eliminated.

He adds bus operators stand ready to work with government ministries and agencies, Vodafone Fiji and other stakeholders in a consultative and integrated manner for the benefit of all.

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