Compain raises serious concerns with the Acting PM, Deputy PM and Health Minister on distressing state of CWM’s Oncology Ward

Compain raises serious concerns with the Acting PM, Deputy PM and Health Minister on distressing state of CWM’s Oncology Ward

By Vijay Narayan
Friday 01/12/2023
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The President of International Women’s Association, Judy Compain says the apparent lack of concern and attention from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services regarding the condition of CWM Hospital is very upsetting.

In a post where she has also tagged Acting Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica, Deputy Prime Minister Professor Biman Prasad and Health Minister Doctor Atonio Lalabalavu, Compain says the maintenance team's explanation citing budget constraints or waiting for future allocations is unacceptable and all too familiar.

Compain says always the same story, just a different day.

The IWA President who has done a lot in renovating parts of the hospital says the repeated excuse of insufficient budget allocation for maintenance work raises serious questions about the hospital's priorities.

She asks what actually takes precedence over the health and safety of our people while in the Hospital's care.

Compain says she is deeply troubled by the distressing conditions she has witnessed at the CWM Hospital, specifically within the Oncology Ward.

She says the recent heavy rain has exposed the deteriorating state of the hospital, with water seeping through its walls due to poor and very old infrastructure.

The furniture had to be moved due to dampness, and water remained on the floor in certain areas when she visited the hospital earlier this week.

Compain also pleads with corporate organizations to please consider taking on this project and assist with the urgent repair to the Oncology Ward's walls.

She is asking people to contact her if you would like to help.

Compain adds we should demand transparency and accountability from those in charge because if we don't, everything will continue to deteriorate, as it has.

Stay with us for developments.

CWM Oncology Ward is under the list of urgent projects for renovation works - MOH

Friday 01/12/2023

By: Vijay Narayan


The Ministry of Health and Medical Services states that the refurbishment of the CWM Hospital Oncology Ward has been schemed under the list of urgent projects for the hospital’s renovation works.

Responding to concerns over social media, the Ministry reassures members of the public that it understands the importance of providing a comfortable and supportive environment for oncology patients and their families and is committed to addressing any concerns that have been raised.

In a statement, the Ministry also reassures members of the public that it has the necessary budgets for the refurbishment of this facility.

They say a fortnight ago, the Ministry’s Asset Management Unit had completed the scoping works for refurbishment of the ward and are currently carrying Request for Quotations for the necessary works.

The MOH says due to high demand of external contractors in the construction market, the CWM Hospital had faced challenges finding a suitable contractor to carry out these remedial works in a timely manner.

Similar works are due to begin for the ANZ, Beqa, and Lau wards while work on the Oncology Ward was scheduled to follow these projects.

In addition, the Ministry says it has had to prioritize pressing issues like the recent superbug outbreak at CWM.

The Health Ministry says given their high patient load at the ward, they need to facilitate suitable schedules to continue refurbishment works without disturbing much needed patient services.

It has initiated a comprehensive review of the facility to identify any areas in need of improvement. This includes evaluating their infrastructure, equipment, and maintenance practices to ensure that they are providing the best possible environment for the patients and staff.

In response to these complaints, they are also working to enhance their facility to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for patients.

This includes improvements to the physical space, as well as additional amenities and resources to enhance the patient experience.

They apologize for any inconvenience these conditions may have caused and assure the community that they are taking swift and decisive action to address these concerns.

As part of our Private Public Partnership initiative, they are also opening their doors to suitable partners that are willing to work with them for the funding of these works.

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