Clubs, bars, taverns and gaming venues to open from 11th November

Clubs, bars, taverns and gaming venues to open from 11th November

By Shanil Singh
Friday 22/10/2021

From 11 November 2021, clubs, bars, taverns and gaming venues can safely re-open for business in accordance with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport’s protocols.

Minister Faiyaz Koya says in order for these businesses to open, a ‘Permit to Operate’ will be required for which applications can be done online via the COVID-Pass Portal on

Koya says applicants must submit all relevant documents, including agreed protocols, and employers and employees vaccination cards with consent by 30th November 2021.

He says there is a lot at stake with borders opening soon.

Koya says we will have thousands of visitors back in Fiji and these visitors are not only looking for safe hotels but safe Fijian experiences from restaurants to retail.

He says how we invest in our workplaces and in our people today will reflect on our development in years to come and we should always remember the duty of care to the customers.

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