China will continue to support Fiji - Bo

China will continue to support Fiji - Bo

By Shanil Singh
Tuesday 16/03/2021
Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Xian Bo

The Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Xian Bo has assured that China will continue to help Fiji develop its economy and improve peoples lives especially the poor and disadvantaged.

Bo says the Fiji-China cooperation benefits Fijians in all aspects and plays a positive role in poverty reduction.

He says China has been strongly supporting Fiji in its fight against COVID-19 and is striving to make vaccines a public good which is accessible to developing countries including Fiji.

China has carried out a number of aid programs and concessional loan projects in Fiji such as the Navua Hospital, Nadarivatu Hydro-power Station, Buca Bay Road, Nabouwalu Road, Stinson Parade Bridge, low cost housing, public rental housing projects and Vodafone Arena sports complex.

Bo adds China has continuously sent medical workers to Fiji to provide free medical services.

He says the Chinese medical ship, Peace Ark visited Fiji twice where more than 10,000 people received free consultation and treatment.

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