Cat 1 Tropical Cyclone Ana continues to track towards Fiji
Prepare for more rain and flooding

Cat 1 Tropical Cyclone Ana continues to track towards Fiji

Prepare for more rain and flooding

By Naveel Krishant , Semi Turaga
Saturday 30/01/2021
[image: Fiji Met]

You should prepare for more widespread heavy rain, flooding and damaging winds as Tropical Depression 05F has intensified into Category 1 Tropical Cyclone Ana and continues to track towards Fiji.

The Nadi Weather Office says the system developed into a Category 1 Cyclone earlier this morning and it was located about 350 kilometres North West of Nadi.

Based on the current projections by the Nadi Weather Office, the centre of the cyclone is expected to pass over the Yasawa and Mamanuca Group later this afternoon.

The Nadi Weather Office says the centre is also expected to pass over Viti Levu late this evening into tomorrow morning.


[Image: Fiji Met]

You should prepare now as damaging winds are likely to begin several hours before the cyclone centre passes overhead or nearby.

The Weather Office says the system is currently moving East at about 20 kilometres per hour.

People can expect winds of up to 65 kilometers per hour with momentary gusts of up to 90 kilometres per hour from today.

The gale force and strong winds has the potential to cause destruction to weak structures, disruption of electrical power distribution and communication services.

It can also cause severe damage to crops and vegetation.

With the ground already saturated and more rain forecast, there is increased risk of landslides, flash flooding of low lying areas and flooding of streams and rivers.

Stay away from flooded drains, streams and rivers while drivers are requested to take extreme care as there is a risk of poor visibility in areas of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

As Cyclone Ana moves closer towards the group, it can bring high waves of possibly more than 6 metres which poses the risk of possible high waves and coastal inundation along coastlines especially over Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Yasawa and Mamanuca. The high waves will be enhanced during high tides.

Sea conditions will be too dangerous for sailing and other sea activities.

A flash flood warning remains in force for all low lying areas and small streams near major rivers of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Areas included in the flash flood warning for Vanua Levu are Nabouwalu to Labasa, Nabouwalu to Kubulau, Dawara to Naibalebale Village along Wailevu West Coast Road, Naibalebale Village to Savusavu, Savusavu to Natewa and Tunuloa, Koroalau, Saqani to Labasa.

Areas included in the flash flood warning for Viti Levu are low lying areas from Sigatoka to Lautoka to Rakiraki – Semo in Nadroga, Nawaicoba, Nadi Back Road, Lomolomo and Barara flats, Navutu flats, Lovu, Saru Back Road, Vuda Back Road in Lautoka, Koronubu flat, Namosau, Veisaru, Varavu flats, Nailaga and other low lying areas in Ba, Nausori, Naqali, Lodoni and Korovou.

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