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Annual headline inflation rises to 4.7% in April
We are not out of the woods yet and urge all Fijians to be prepared - Ali

Annual headline inflation rises to 4.7% in April

We are not out of the woods yet and urge all Fijians to be prepared - Ali

By Vijay Narayan
Thursday 26/05/2022
Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor Ariff Ali

The rising prices of fuel and food is continuing to push the inflation rates up.

The annual headline inflation was 4.7 percent in April on the back of rising food and fuel prices in the country, which is a vastly different dynamic compared to a year ago when inflation was -2.4 percent according to the Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor Ariff Ali.

Ali stresses that current inflationary pressures are largely due to the supply-side driven surge in global commodity prices, which will persist in tandem with uncertainties on the geopolitical front.

The RBF Board Chair and Governor highlighted that the global outlook remains highly uncertain with no signs of an end to the war in Ukraine and abrupt changes to trade policies having a disastrous flow-on effect on the rest of the world, including Fiji.

Ali says as the world bears the brunt of the Russian-Ukrainian war and sanctions on Russia, the lockdowns in China worsened supply constraints due to shipping backlogs adding to inflationary pressures.

Although commodity prices fell temporarily over the month in April due to weak demand from China, it remains relatively high compared to a year ago.

Ali emphasises that we are not out of the woods yet and urged all Fijians to be prepared for the spill-over effect of spontaneous trade policy changes such as the recent ban on wheat exports by India and supply-side issues that continue to put upward pressure on imported prices.

Economy continues to show signs of improvement, driven mainly by tourism-related sectors – RBF Board

By Vijay Narayan

Thursday 26/05/2022


The Reserve Bank of Fiji says the economy continues to show signs of improvement, driven mainly by tourism-related sectors.

Since the opening of Fiji’s border in December 2021, 118,812 tourists have arrived in Fiji, mainly from Australia.

In April, 46,680 tourists visited Fiji, more than double the March numbers.

The RBF says the upcoming peak tourism season and the commencement of the cane crushing season will provide a further push to domestic activity in the second half of this year.

Aggregate demand has improved, primarily supported by higher consumer spending and a slight increase in construction-led investment spending.

The labour market has also improved as recruitment intentions rose in the year to April, particularly in the tourism-related sectors.

The RBF says private sector lending has picked-up momentum growing by 2.3 percent in April and is supporting the economic recovery.

It also says the banks remain adequately flushed with liquidity to lend, keeping interest rates at historically low levels.

RBF Governor, Ariff Ali reassures that while the RBF has noted an increase in non-performing loans, the banking system remains sound on the back of adequate provisioning and favourable capital adequacy ratio.

Foreign reserves remain adequate at $3.018 billion as at today – RBF

Remittances grow by 10.1% to total $303.1 million

By Vijay Narayan

Thursday 26/05/2022


Foreign reserves remain adequate at $3.018 billion as at today, enough to support 8.3 months of imports of goods and services.

The Reserve Bank of Fiji Board says foreign exchange holdings are expected to remain at comfortable levels in the near to medium term despite the recent increases in commodity-related import payments offset partly by the continuing rise in tourism receipts.

Cumulative to April, inward remittances, which is money sent through to Fijians by families and friends living overseas, grew by 10.1 percent to total $303.1 million and are expected to continue trending upwards throughout the year.

Meanwhile Fiji’s merchandise trade deficit widened (78.6 percent) as imports growth outpaced the growth in exports. Imports rose strongly by 49.2 percent in the first two months of this year, reflective of the annual high global commodity prices and businesses restocking inventory in anticipation of higher demand as the economy is poised to grow.

RBF Governor, Ariff Ali says that with no immediate threats to the core monetary policy objectives, the Bank’s monetary policy stance remains focussed on supporting the domestic economic recovery.

The RBF will continue to monitor international and domestic developments and align monetary policy accordingly.

The RBF Board has kept the Overnight Policy Rate unchanged at 0.25 percent after its monthly meeting today.

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