Accusations against the Govt in the 50-page document are both unfounded and without legal merit – AG
All defunded vacant positions at the AG’s Office filled except Deputy SG and Executive Support Manager posts

Accusations against the Govt in the 50-page document are both unfounded and without legal merit – AG

All defunded vacant positions at the AG’s Office filled except Deputy SG and Executive Support Manager posts

By Navitalai Naivalurua
Thursday 13/07/2023
[Photo: Parliament of the Republic of Fiji]

Attorney General Siromi Turaga has raised his concerns against the 50-page anonymous document circulating on social media, which made accusations that directly attack the government and the values and principles of democracy that the government seeks to uphold.

While contributing to the 2023/2024 National Budget debate in parliament, Turaga says those accusations are both unfounded and without legal merit and originate from anonymous sources aiming to malign the government rather than engage in meaningful discussions.

He says the document has been referred to the appropriate authorities for necessary actions.

Speaking on the budget, Turaga commended the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance for the realistic and sensible budget and it is no doubt a budget that makes tough and responsible decisions given the high-debt levels this Government has inherited from its predecessor, the FijiFirst Government, which irresponsibly borrowed to finance Government expenditure.

He says the prevailing economic conditions requires this Government to make suitable structural adjustments under this budget to ensure the sustainability and long-term survival of the nation.

The AG adds under this budget, the Government has developed safeguard measures and will implement relevant and practical policies to address the challenges facing our economy today.

Turaga says since the inception of this Government, his Office has advertised all the defunded vacant positions and filled those positions except for the Deputy Solicitor-General and Executive Support Manager positions which are still being processed.

He says his Office is also working towards the setting up of the Fiji Law Reform Commission which is established under the Fiji Law Reform Act 1979.

He also says that despite the significant statutory role of the Commission which keeps laws applicable to Fiji under review, it was defunct under the previous Government.

He adds that they will ensure that the Fiji Law Reform Commission becomes operational to perform its statutory functions and this will generally ensure the simplification, improvement, and modernization of the law, and also ensure that Fiji’s laws are also aligned to international best practices.

The AG says the budget appropriately seeks to implement structural adjustments to raise revenue and also safeguard the needs of the most vulnerable through appropriate social measures.

He says it also ensures that elected leaders of this beloved nation are leading by example and making sacrifices to ensure the recovery and sustainable growth of our society.

Turaga also responded to the statement made by FijiFirst MP Mosese Bulitavu, calling on the Prime Minister to change the Attorney General.

The AG says the comment is irrelevant and breaches parliamentary standing orders.

He says Bulitavu’s speech serves to malign, smear and cast aspersions on the Attorney-General.

Turaga adds that the comments were also unwarranted, uncalled for and highly inappropriate.

He is urging Bulitavu to be respectful and observe the decorum of parliament.

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