ACP Driu warns officers to step up and deliver the expected service while senior officers put on notice

ACP Driu warns officers to step up and deliver the expected service while senior officers put on notice

By Mansi Chand
Tuesday 05/12/2023
[Image: Fiji Police Force]

Assistant Commissioner of Police Livai Driu has warned officers to step up and deliver services expected of them as a professional institution while senior officers and those in supervisory roles have been put on notice.

While speaking during the Divisional Operations Readiness Checks in the Eastern Division, Driu stressed that excuses and failures to not provide services would not be condoned during this busy festive season.

He says this will impact perception and has diminished respect for policing as people do not want excuses.

The Assistant Commissioner says majority of the complaints are about the service.

Driu further says people need to be served, which requires consistency, professionalism and getting the basics right, and if officers get this right there will be a decrease in complaints and improvement in police-public relations, community support towards community policing and crime prevention efforts should fall into place.

He adds this will be a busy time for operations and officers in leadership roles need to step up and do justice to those ranks, hold the officers accountable and continue to monitor them as everyone is answerable to the law.

Driu says to restore the blue culture of policing, they have to clean up their house first as all efforts of building trust with the community will be futile if they do not have officers with the right attitude.

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