A theme I would like to see implemented is “Restoring Blue” - Tikoduadua

A theme I would like to see implemented is “Restoring Blue” - Tikoduadua

By Alipate Narawa
Saturday 18/03/2023
Minister for Home Affairs Pio Tikoduadua

As part of the security review that will be led by the Ministry, there is a theme that I would like to see implemented, and the title is “Restoring Blue”

Minister for Home Affairs, Pio Tikoduadua stated this to the members of the Police Special Response Unit adding it is not only a process that is going to be led by the Commissioner of the Force, it is something that the government is going to own, because there needs to be a revolution in the culture of the force.

Tikoduadua says for so long it has been doing a lot of things that is perhaps not traditionally renowned for the Police Force.

He also says certain ways that they work might have changed over time and they need to restore a degree of confidence and trust in the force by the people.

He says they need to restore the Police to its rightful place where the people will have confidence in them.

Tikoduadua says this means it is not a secretive place of work where people are second-guessing what they do.

He adds the people need to know the processes of the force, if they get arrested the following things will take place and so forth.

Tikoduadua adds this should not be confidential information, because the more the line is grey in terms of the distinct processes of how the force do their work, it gives rise to many concerns.

He further says they will try to make their conditions better, their families lives better - these are aspirations that need to be reflected by what the government provides for the service.

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