FCCC monitors potential scams despite not receiving complaints

FCCC monitors potential scams despite not receiving complaints

By Rashika Kumar
Wednesday 28/02/2024
Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission CEO Joel Abraham

Despite not receiving any complaints against the suspected pyramid scheme operating as Elite Society, the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission says they are taking a proactive approach in monitoring potential scams and is stressing that such schemes are illegal.

FCCC CEO Joel Abraham has highlighted this in an interview with fijivillage News and is urging people to come forward with information to assist in investigations.

While responding to questions on what the FCCC is doing to stop such schemes despite not receiving any complaints, Abraham says there is a duty of care on behalf of the consumers as well.

He say while government agencies are proactively identifying and flagging the issue, he has had community sessions where people have expressed that at the end of the day, it is their money.

The CEO stresses that under the FCCC Act, pyramid schemes are strictly prohibited, and any participation or perpetuation of the scheme further that causes detriment or harm to Fijian consumers will be met with the full brunt of the law.

He has also revealed that there are 23 known operational leaders, also known as coaches or mentors, across Fiji who are recruiting people for suspected pyramid schemes for organisations such as Elite Society, Alliance in Motion which initially operated in Fiji under the name AIM Global and began in Fiji in 2019 before rebranding to Empowered Consumerism.

The CEO says that the presence of these operational leaders across Fiji indicates an organised structure with a hierarchy, and the FCCC is working closely with authorities, including the Anti-Scam Taskforce, to apprehend those responsible.

Abraham says they are examining the past activities of suspected schemes in Fiji to determine the extent of their operations in the country and how much has been paid into these schemes.

He reiterates that participation in these schemes will result in financial losses for most participants, as only a few at the top will profit.

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