2 people die in 2 separate accidents, while a driver and a passenger from the North remain in hospital

2 people die in 2 separate accidents, while a driver and a passenger from the North remain in hospital

By Abigail Sorovi
Sunday 23/07/2023
Photo: File

Two people have died in the last 24-hours in two separate accidents, while a driver and his passenger remain in hospital

Chief of Operations Assistant Commissioner of Police ACP Livai Driu says the first accident occurred in Koronubu Road in Ba, where a man who was sitting in the middle of the road was hit by an unknown vehicle.

The incident occurred after 4am and was witnessed by the occupants of another vehicle approaching the scene, but they could not make out the particulars of the car.

He says the witnesses rushed the 25-year-old victim to the Ba Hospital where he was unfortunately pronounced dead on arrival.

ACP Driu says in the second incident, a 25-year-old man was hit by a vehicle driven by a 24-year-old man along Khalsa Road early this morning.

He says the victim was walking towards his home when the alleged incident occurred.

He adds the third accident occurred in Bulileka, Labasa, where a vehicle driven by a 54-year-old man veered off the road after 3 this morning.

The four passengers were conveyed to the Labasa Hospital where they were treated for minor injuries, while the driver and one of his passengers remain hospitalized.

ACP Driu says the behaviour of both drivers and pedestrians must change to prevent further loss of lives.

He further says that accidents occur because of complacency and the general poor attitude towards road safety.

The Chief of Operations says speeding for an example is one of the leading contributing factors towards accidents and fatalities, yet drivers continue to be booked for driving above 100km/hr.

ACP Driu says poor pedestrian behaviour is also noted with great concern, where in some instances, vehicles have to make way for pedestrians or simple measures like wearing bright clothing at night, are often overlooked and disregarded.

The Assistant Commissioner stresses that accidents and fatalities are avoidable, if everyone adopts a change of mindset and attitude towards road safety, and understand that one's failure to comply with road rules can and will have devastating consequences.

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