Bombay Sapphire unveils cocktail fashion collection

Bombay Sapphire unveils cocktail fashion collection

By Alifereti Sakiasi
Monday 11/12/2023
[Image: The drinks business ]

Gin brand Bombay Sapphire, part of the Bacardi portfolio, has unveiled a collection of cocktail-inspired clothes and accessories, created in partnership with fashion designer Christian Siriano.

The collection, which includes a ‘Martini clutch’, ‘tonic blouse’ and ‘Collins blazer’, is part of Bacardi’s Saw This, Made This campaign for the Bombay Sapphire brand, which launched last year.

In September, Siriano also revealed the French 75-inspired haute couture gown he made in collaboration with Bombay Sapphire at New York Fashion Week.

Jaime Keller, brand director of Bombay Sapphire North America, said: Christian Siriano’s capsule collection stands as a testament to the intersection of creativity and elegance, encapsulating the spirit of this campaign.

Through innovative design and inspired silhouettes, Siriano seamlessly translates the allure of Bombay Sapphire cocktails into the realm of high fashion.”

Siriano, who studied fashion in London under Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, explained: “As a designer, I see fashion as a canvas for storytelling. This collaboration with Bombay Sapphire allowed me to weave the narratives of iconic gin cocktails into the very fabric of style.

Each piece in this capsule collection tells a story of effervescence, sophistication, and celebration—capturing the spirit of Bombay Sapphire in a wearable form.

It’s an exploration of creativity that goes beyond the expected, inviting individuals to infuse their own narratives into the art of fashion.”

The golden blazer (meant to resemble a Collins cocktail) retails for £479.79 on Siriano’s website, while the Dirty Martini-inspired handbag, made of clear vinyl with a bubbled olive-coloured handle to resemble the garnish, costs £120.96.

All proceeds from the sales will be donated by Siriano to non-profit LGBTQ advocacy organisation GLAAD.

Source: the drinks business

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