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Rama Se Foundation launches sugar syrup project and aims to contribute $3 billion annually
Sugar syrup project will make cane farming more viable and attractive says cane farmer

Rama Se Foundation launches sugar syrup project and aims to contribute $3 billion annually

Sugar syrup project will make cane farming more viable and attractive says cane farmer

By Navitalai Naivalurua , Rashika Kumar
Monday 18/09/2023
[Image: Rama Se Foundation]

In ensuring the sugar industry stays afloat, the Rama Se Foundation and the Kofera Trust have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to venture into sugar syrup production.

While launching the project, Chairman and Founder of Rama Se, Deepak Tahal says the launch of the Rama Se initiative is to help farmers and farming to be acknowledged and respected for the vital role they play in feeding and nourishing the world.

Tahal says sugar syrup is healthier than honey and all this information has been researched and studied.

He says a 15 acre farm will deliver $200,000 in net profit.

Tahal says their aim is to have 15,000 farmers contribute $3 billion to the Fijian economy, stimulate trade and commerce and generate government revenue for the reduction of Fiji's debt.

He says they also aim to create 90,000 jobs in the rural sector and use iTaukei land and resources to fairly benefit all of Fiji.

He also says today, farming is considered the most disrespected work, however they feed the world and yet people forget them but they are here to change that.

Tahal adds during his philanthropy work, he learnt that wealth comes with responsibility and the greatest fear of the successful and the wealthy is falling back into poverty so they create a world and policies to perpetuate the gap between them and the poor and the needy.

The Founder says the Rama Se Initiative provides farmers with the ability to gain respect and prosperity to feed Fiji and the world with real food giving nourishment and well-being, helping the communities and ensuring opportunities for future generations.

He says Rama Se is a Fijian word for enlightenment, so they are going to enlighten every farmer and everybody involved in this project.

Tahal also highlighted that they are going to put 50 farms on the first 50 model farmers and then start to change the sugarcane industry and farmers into syrup production.

Avinesh Swamy who gave his land to pilot the sugar syrup project says everyone knows that the sugar industry has been the backbone of the nation but unfortunately, it has passed its good old days.

He says It has become a burden and not attractive to the new generation of farmers.

Swamy says with the sugar syrup venture, farming will again be more viable and attract young people into farming.

He is hopeful that this initiative will repair the industry and take it into a new direction.

Meanwhile, Methodist Church in Fiji Nadi Circuit President, Reverend Tevita Vuniwaqa reminded the landowners that only through working together and hard work, poverty can be reduced.

He acknowledged the hard work and dedication by the Girmitiyas who went through hardships in the sugarcane field and were ill treated by the colonizers.

Reverend Vuniwaqa says the Girmitiyas worked hard on the land and made a life for them and their descendants, going through one rough time in history.

He says their struggles and dedication is a reminder to everyone that through hard work, anything can be achieved.

He also reminded the landowners to learn how to run a business so they can contribute to the growth of the economy and their lives.

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Credit Corp Fiji Care

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