Police will take in some people for questioning from Qauia Settlement
Dr Fong says residents not listening to their repeated requests while a resident says they want health follow-ups

Police will take in some people for questioning from Qauia Settlement

Dr Fong says residents not listening to their repeated requests while a resident says they want health follow-ups

By Vijay Narayan
Wednesday 07/07/2021
Acting Police Commissioner, Rusiate Tudravu

Acting Police Commissioner, Rusiate Tudravu says Police will take in some people for questioning from Qauia Settlement after some people were protesting within the lockdown area.

Tudravu says they have received information that the youths in Qauia were being used to carry out a protest asking about the lockdown period amongst other things, and those who used them will be questioned when the lockdown finishes.

The Acting Commissioner says the concerning issue for him is that people are not following the COVID protocols and everyone should ensure the health guidelines are followed to allow for the containment and lockdown borders to be lifted.

Tudravu says they do not want to risk any of the frontliners by sending them inside the lockdown areas where people are positive.

He also says the time for advisories is done and they will arrest people for not following the protocols.

Tudravu says they have stepped up on the enforcement of the failure to comply with orders pertaining to health restrictions and officers will be moving around to ensure people are wearing masks in containment or lockdown zones, business operators are complying with restrictions, public service vehicle operators are adhering to the 50% capacity guidelines and the clamping down of social gatherings.

He also confirms that they are working with the Republic of Fiji Military Forces in their special COVID-19 operations. Members of the RFMF were also present with the Police officers in Qauia today to deal with the situation. Tudravu says it is evident that in order to protect the majority of Fijians from certain individuals who continue to make foolish decisions resulting in the spread of COVID-19, tougher measures need to be taken and Fijians should expect more arrests to be made.

Meanwhile some Qauia residents are raising serious concerns from within the Qauia Settlement lockdown area in Lami as they say only the lockdown borders are up but people are moving around in the area.

Andrea Waqanidrola says they are concerned and are fearing for their safety as the people moving around could also be COVID-19 positive.

He says people have been swabbed but no follow up is being done as the positive residents do not have the means to follow up with the Ministry of Health.

There were also videos and some photos of people moving around in the lockdown area.

When asked by fijivillage, Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong says they will try to get a swabbing team to the area as the teams are struggling to go out and swab.

Doctor Fong says unfortunately the Qauia residents keep moving around, the team has gone in and pleaded with them however there has been no effect.

We have received calls and messages regarding Qauia Settlement in Lami that has had a rapid rise of COVID-19 cases.

Last week, we had highlighted that there are reports of some of the residents still moving around, not adhering to the COVID protocols and people from different houses getting together in the nights to have grog.

Doctor James Fong had said the lockdown in Qauia Settlement has been extended until further notice as the Ministry needs more evidence of COVID safe behaviour from Qauia residents.

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