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Police officer charged for stealing from crime scene

Police officer charged for stealing from crime scene

Tuesday 12/11/2013
Police have laid disciplinary charges against an officer who allegedly stole an item from a crime scene last week.

Acting Police Commissioner Ravi Narayan confirmed that the officer is facing a charge relating to conduct to good order and discipline of the force.

He confirmed that the officer is still at work while criminal investigations continue.

If he is charged with a criminal offence then a decision will be made on whether he will still be at work.

The incident occurred when the home of a teacher in Namadi Heights was burgled on Monday night.

The teacher who is a foreign national then called Samabula Police Station.  

According to the teacher, three police officers came to his house and when they left, one of the officers allegedly stole the teacher’s portable hard drive with all his schoolwork.

The teacher then went and filed an official complaint with Samabula Police.

Late last week, he received a call from the police station.
When he went to the station, he was told that the portable hard drive has been recovered.

However, the teacher was given two options.

He could either take the hard drive and police will handle the matter internally or to leave the hard drive as evidence and the police officer concerned will be taken to court.
The teacher had no option but to take the portable hard drive as he needed it for his schoolwork but questions have been raised on why the hard drive needs to be kept with the police for a long period of time and whether new methods of evidence keeping can be applied.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed receiving a report about the matter from the complainant.

Naisoro said there is a zero tolerance policy in place for officers who steal from a crime scene and it is never condoned by the organization.

She said since the portable drive is the subject of the complaint, it will be kept for evidence as is the normal procedure.

Story by:
Vijay Narayan


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