Koro chief dismisses claims by UFDF

Koro chief dismisses claims by UFDF

Thursday 07/11/2013
A chief from Koro, the Tui Nasau, Ratu Sake Kaunisela Matavesi has dismissed claims made in a statement by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji that the itaukei community of Nasau were being misled by the government.

A statement issued earlier this week by the United Front spokesperson, Mick Beddoes to the media here and abroad and to a number of anti-government blog sites claims that a letter being taken around to support the government and not to have elections was not prepared by the Tui Nasau and anyone in Koro.

The Tui Nasau has today stressed to Fijivillage that he prepared the letter of support to the government and elections not to be held next year. 

He said he then took it to the people of Nasau.

Ratu Sake Kaunisela Matavesi said he never forced anyone to sign however everyone signed the letter of support except two people.

He said the politicians who are saying that the villagers of Nasau are being misled, are incorrect.

He said they have taken the stand based on the developments in the Nasau area and it is their right if they freely agree to support the government. 

The Tui Nasau said the letter of support includes the proposal not to have election in 2014 however he knows that the government has decided to have the elections and they welcome that.
We contacted Mick Beddoes about the statement made by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji which is made up of SODELPA, the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party, the United People's Party and the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions.

We asked Beddoes to reveal to us where the United Front got information that the government was behind the letter as the Tui Nasau has clearly stated that it was his decision to write the letter of support and seek the support of the people of Nasau. 

However the statement released by Beddoes had said that this was an attempt by the government.

The Tui Nasau said this is clearly not the case.

When we questioned Beddoes on whether he is just making assumptions, he said he is and he has a right to do that although the Tui Nasau is saying otherwise.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

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